Week Thirty One in Melbourne, our last week.

We spent our last couple of days in Melbourne this week, I was pretty sad to see the back of Melbourne this week – it really started to feel like home over the past few months. But with that chapter of our travellers over we can really start to think about our next year. We’ve got a road trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock to complete, farm work to do, my brother to road trip with and then six months in Asia – it’s going to be a busy one.

This blog will be a short one, as I’ll be doing daily blogs – probably not posted daily about our Uluru Trip.


We spent the morning cleaning up the apartment again, our moving day was Thursday so I was in full stress mode by Monday.
In the afternoon I finally did some Melbourne driving on my own, which actually turned out to be not that bad. I drove to Southland Cinema to see my friend and watch the new ‘Life of the Party’ film.


I spent most of the day relaxing, trying to get out of my major stress zone that my mind was currently in. I always really like the idea of being busy and organising loads of things, but when it comes to organising a massive trip while moving out of our apartment I definitely wasn’t enjoying myself – and I’m pretty sure Tom wasn’t enjoying my stress levels either.

Tom spent most of the day hanging out with a friend for the last time.


A super busy one, we had to get rid of everything in our apartment which we’ve acquired over the past seven months – you don’t realise how much shit you have until you start to clear it out.

The day couldn’t have worked out more stressful if I’d of tried. We woke up to the power in the apartment being cut off a day early by OC Energy – I really wouldn’t recommend them. Then we realised we’d have to have the carpet in our bedroom cleaned (part of our rental agreement), so we had to organise that. We also had to go back to the outlet centre in Melbourne to return the trainers we’d only bought a few weeks ago because they’d already broken.


Moving day was a pretty stressful one, we had to finish off the last part of our parking, and get LOADS of stuff in a small Hyundai Elantra – great fun.

We also had to do a final clean, which actually ended up being two final cleans.

When the rental agent came to do the final check of the apartment, they were definitely quite tough on us – unlike the usual Aus Pacific (they haven’t been the most helpful, and useful over the past few months). We ended up having to clean a few things again, but ended up with getting our full deposit back which was definitely a relief!

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