Traumatic Travels to Gili T with Scoot Fast Cruises

Yesterday we travelled to the Gili Trawangan island from Senggigi, Lombok. We expected a fast trip, as you can practically see the Gili Islands from this location. But a fast and comfortable trip isn’t really what we got.

We woke up nice and early yesterday, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast at our hotel overlooking the palm trees, mountains and ocean. The day started pretty well and we hoped that within a few hours we’d be happily exploring a new location.

By 11am we were in the reception of our hotel, waiting for our Scoot Driver to come pick us up. Unfortunately, we sat there from 11am, till nearly 12pm waiting for our driver to turn up. Eventually, he did, but in usual Scoot style was late.

With the help of another fast and erratic Indonesian driver we were down to the bay in no time and checked into our next boat ride. After checking in we were left to hang around the little docking area, wondering what was happening next and when our boat would eventually arrive. Suddenly large groups of passengers started to disappear and we were starting to get really concerned we’d either missed the boat or missed an instruction given by Scoot. A good fifteen minutes later, our original driver turned up and dragged us and another couple away telling us to ‘hurry up, or we’ll miss the boat’, we were taken away from the docks and back to the bay parking area and pushed into a car with a driver who barely looked the legal age to drive, well in the UK anyway. The poor guy hadn’t a clue where he needed to drive us┬áto and was frantically on the phone trying to get instructions for the location. All this while driving up steep roads on the edge of a cliff which have tight turns.

Anyway, fifteen minutes later we drove through some trees into a tiny bay which didn’t look like an ‘official’ mooring place for Scoot, so it seemed like something dodgy may have been going on. We were told to climb up onto the boat and off we went. The four of us were all quite excited at first, the thought of just us four being the only passengers and going on a different route might be quite interesting and an adventure – but we were definitely wrong.

Around five minutes in, we hit very rough and rocky waves. We were travelling in one of the companies small speedboats and were definitely going far too fast for the oncoming waves. The waves started to get worse and we started to be rocked completely to one side, the driver of the boat started to look petrified and quickly turned the engines off as we very very very nearly flipped over. This continued to happen every couple of minutes, I’m pretty sure all of us were shaking with fear and I couldn’t even open my eyes to look. We all felt in danger and should have been given life jackets, but weren’t, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the boat wasn’t even carrying any now after reading many TripAdvisor reviews. Now, I’m no boat and sea expert but I’m pretty sure we should have either been in a larger boat to accommodate the sea that day or shouldn’t have been travelling at all – we didn’t see any other boats out there in that, especially not any small ones like ours.

Scoot seem to have no interest in their customer’s safety, well-being or satisfaction, or even that of their staff. All they seem interested in is how much money they can make. They plaster all their sales material and boats in ‘awards’ they claim to have won, but I’m not sure these are true as they really aren’t ‘The Safest Boat Company in Indonesia’.

We were meant to be travelling with Scoot for our return journey from Gili Trawangan to Sanur (Bali), but we have both agreed we value our lives more than the 1.5million IDR each we have spent on this overall trip. Scoot is good for one thing, their price, but apart from that everyone should stay away from them till they’ve learnt how to be a safe and trustworthy company.