The Cost of Travelling Malaysia for Two Weeks

For two weeks, we’ve been exploring Malaysia at a couple of different destinations: Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, and Penang. We’ve been travelling on a pretty tight budget, so thought it might be interesting to share how much we’ve spent over the past two weeks in Malaysia – all prices are for the both of us. Prices are in Australian Dollar and British Pound. 

If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to when travelling around Malaysia, then catch up with our blog here! 

International Flight

Our flight to Kuala Lumpur from Jakarta was $230/£130.

Domestic Flights

We didn’t take any domestic flights when travelling around Malaysia. If you plan to stay on the main island in Malaysia then everywhere is easily accessible by the brilliant bus services.

Boats, Trains & Buses

No boats & trains this time around. But, if you plan on visiting Langkawi Island then you may take the boat over there, unfortunately, we aren’t sure about the cost of that.

We did take two buses across Malaysia though, these were… bus to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur costing $10/£6 for the both of us, and a bus from Melaka to Penang costing $35/£20. Totalling at a cost of $45/£26 for the both of us.


We’ve spent around $61/£34 on taxis around Malaysia with all of those being through Grab.

Local Transport

We spent around $10/£5 on local transport when staying in Kuala Lumpur. By this I mean your typical train and bus systems you’d find in any large city such as London.


We did only a handful of paid activities across our stay in Malaysia those being Museums in Penang and Melaka, Penang Hill and some temple visits. The total cost of these activities was $50/£28.

Sim Cards/Data

We used 14-day travel Sim Cards in Malaysia which we picked up from Kuala Lumpur airport for around $28/£15.70 for the both of us. The network provider we chose was Digi, but there were many others to choose from for a similar price.


In the other section, we spent $44/£18 which covered the cost of me having a gel manicure done, Tom a new iPhone case and us picking up some bug spray.


We spent an average of $39/£24, which is less than our budget of $40 a night. Although our budget definitely didn’t seem to get us the quality of hotel that we’d been used to staying through Indonesia.


We’ve eaten in a range of different places, from nice restaurants to your usual fast food places too little warungs. Our average daily spend on food is around $36/£20 a day on food, that usually includes three meals, snacks and water for us both.

Total Cost Spent in Malaysia

Our total cost in Bali was around (9 days, yes I know this doesn’t totally add up to 2 weeks but I’ve rounded it the up to the closest amount of weeks): $952/£536, which averages as $105/£59 a day. Plus the added cost of $230/£130 for the international flight.

So if you’re looking to travel Malaysia on a budget and still enjoy your time there, it’s definitely easy to do! 

Again, if you’re interested in what we’ve been up to when travelling around Malaysia then catch up with our blog here!