Tenth Week in Melbourne, the Best week so far.

This week has been one of the busiest and most exciting weeks we’ve had in Melbourne so far! 

It was strange to wake up Christmas Day morning to 20 degrees and lovely sun, it definitely didn’t feel like Christmas at all. It is difficult to be away from family at Christmas time but its been nice to experience something different, and have a chilled out Christmas. We invited our friends around to a proper British Christmas dinner, then spent the rest of the day relaxing, playing games in the park and watching the sunset around our apartment from the pool.

Tom and I were up early to go collect our rental car, we’d decided to take a mini road trip since Tom had managed to get some time off work. We headed up to Dandenong, and choose Thrifty Car Rentals. For four days rental with the full insurance we paid $400/£230, which is a lot of money but we were just happy to be able to head out of the city to enjoy a week of peace.

After collecting the car we headed up to The Grampians, which took around four hours from Dandenong, a pretty easy drive straight through the city and out the other side.

We arrived at Halls Gap in the early afternoon and decided to head straight out to enjoy the lovely afternoon sun. We started out by hiking up to The Pinnacle, which as some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen – it was quite a bit of hike though, but great fun. After The Pinnacle, we hiked to Lake View Lookout and then to Silverband Falls – both beautiful spots.

After an afternoon of exploring we decided to check into our accommodation, as we’d only booked the trip last minute there really wasn’t much left so we ended up staying in Halls Gap Motel for our first night. We spent a while relaxing in the motel before decided to head out of food, the only issue was that nothing was open with it being boxing day – we ended up heading to a local food store for a few snacks and taking them to watch the sunset from another beautiful spot.

To finish off the day we headed up to Reeds Lookout to watch an amazing sunset, we would definitely recommend this as it was totally beautiful!!

We had a full day of exploring The Grampians today, so we were up bright an early around 9am to grab some breakfast at the local little bakery – they do okayish sandwiches and stuff, but you can definitely tell its a little-untouched village by the quality of the food.

After breakfast, we headed up to Boroka Lookout so see some more amazing views. There are plenty of beautiful places to go to when at The Grampians, so we headed on to McKenzie Waterfalls next – these were my favourite place out of everywhere we visited, within minutes of getting down all the stairs Tom had stripped off to just his shorts and jumped in the waterfall!!

Finally, after exploring for most the morning we headed back to Reeds Lookout to do the short walk to The Balconies.

There’s so much do around The Grampians and I’d definitely return to fit some more stuff in!

We headed to Cape Schanck to explore the Boardwalk, and down into the rock pools. Its only around 1.5 hour drive from central Melbourne, so very accessible.

The rock pools are so beautiful and we easily spent a couple of hours exploring the beach and rock pool area – next time we go we’ll definitely take swimming stuff as the water was so clear you could easily spend an afternoon swimming in the rock pools.

Friday was the final full day of our car rental so we organised to travel down towards Sorrento with some friends for a day trip. We started the day off early, with our first stop being Mount Martha beach – a lovely quiet beach at around 11am with some lovely little picturesque beach huts. After relaxing on the beach for a while we headed just slightly out of town to The Pillars, this is a really popular spot where people jump into the ocean, I would have loved to give it a go but the water just wasn’t deep enough, and if I’m honest it looked a bit too rocky and dangerous!

Next, we headed up Arthurs Seat Road to visit some of the lookouts, unfortunately just as we got towards to top of the lookout the weather started to come in quite grey and depressing so it wasn’t much of a view at all.

We decided to head to Sorrento and try and find a little restaurant where we could enjoy some lunch while the rainstorm passed through. Sorrento was incredibly busy so there weren’t many options of places we’d actually be able to get into, as the rain started to pour down we managed to find a little Italian place named Sorrento Trattoria, it wasn’t amazing but ok for lunch.

Our final stop of the day was the Port Nepean National Park, and my favourite thing of the whole day. We got quite badly rained on, but that still couldn’t spoil the beautiful environment. I wish we’d had more time to explore the paths throughout the park.

Finally, we finished the day relaxing in our apartments pool.

We had to be up very early to get the car back through to Dandenong, and poor Tom had to be at work so it was a pretty boring day, unfortunately!

I met up with a friend for Brunch, we headed to a little cafe named ISIT that does very Australian breakfast. I’ve found they like ‘posh’ looking breakfast over here, but it rarely ever actually tastes good. It was ok, but probably not somewhere I’d return.

This evening we are heading over to Docklands to watch the New Years Eve fireworks with friends so hopefully, it will be another brilliant evening.

As always, thank you for reading and we wish you a very Happy New Year!