Planning our Next Trip to Indonesia

We are currently working our way through our plans for our next big trip to Asia. For the past few weeks of planning we have been keeping them on our laptop, but we’ve decided to share our plans with you as we go – everything is based on 2 adults.

What plug do they use?
They use socket type C and F, which is also known as the ‘Euro’ plug.

Best time of year to visit for weather?
May through to October is the dryest months, so this is the best time to visit.

We are planning to fly into Indonesia in September so we have enough time to travel around everywhere before the rainy season starts in December.

We’ve loved Bali everytime we have visited, and decided there must be much more to Indonesia to see that just Bali!

The next part of this blog is the very rough idea of what we will be doing. But basically, we are looking into detail how much to budget for each country, since we would like to travel Asia for the longest amount of time possible we thought the best way to do this would be just by planning in detail everything we might spend.

Total Trip Budget?
Below, I’ll break down our budget and how we’ve worked our costs. But we imagine that for the total trip in Indonesia it will cost us $4400 AUD.

Starting in Bali (16 Nights/17 Days = $2685 AUD)

Overall Costs?

Hotels: $560 – ($35 a night) for 16 nights.
Food: $425 – ($25 a day) for 17 days with three meals a day.
Activities/General Spending Money: $340 – ($20 a day) for 17 days.
Flights: $450 – Flights from Australia including 25kg luggage.
Uber: $30 – Will probably only be used to get around Kuta/Seminyak area and to get too and from the airport.
Boats: $270 – Boats too and from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan, with hopefully a local boat between Lembongan and Penida. Then also boats to Gili T.
Transport: $350 – Drivers between the different spots in Bali, and then the cost to cross through the short distance to Java.
Day Trips: $200 – We plan on taking a couple while in Bali.
Sim Card: $60 – Should last the whole time we are there.

Where will we go?

Seminyak (2 nights)
Nusa Lembongan (3 Nights)
Ubud (2 Nights)
Amed (2 Nights)
Gili T (3 Nights)
Ubud (1 Night)
Lovina (2 Nights)
Kuta (1 Nights)

Java (9 Nights/10 Days = $1715 AUD)

Overall Costs?

Flights: $350
Hotels: $315 – ($35 night) for 9 nights.
Food: $250 – ($25 a day) for 10 days with three meals a day.
Activities/General Spending Money: $200 – ($20 a day) for 10 days.
Day Trips: $300 – General day trips around Java.
Transport: $300 – Taxis/Drivers/Trains and Buses between areas.

Where will we go?

Surabaya (3 Nights)
Yogyakarta (3 Nights)
Jakarta (3 Nights)

Let me know if you have any suggestions or any better ideas on prices!