Places to stay in Kuta for under £20/$35 a night

We’ve visited Bali twice now, and have probably overall spent around 6 weeks in Bali. Before visiting I’ve put a lot of time and effort into finding great hotels, at a great price. I thought I’d share some our favourite/best hotels we have stayed in, or plan on staying in next year on our next visit to Kuta.

All these hotels will be under £20/$35 AUD a night, and all have been advertised in having Aircon and Free Wifi  – all our needs for a comfortable stay when in Bali.

Ozz Hotel Bali | £20/$35 AUD per night
Simple and clean hotel, with good reviews on TripAdvisor and only a short walk to central Kuta/main shopping streets, then also not too far from the beach.

Zen Rooms Kuta Theatre | £18/$31 AUD per night
Again, simple and clean hotel with everything we would need to be happy. Only a short week to the beach and very close to the main shopping streets. Unfortunately, I cannot find this hotel on TripAdvisor, which always makes me a bit less likely to book a hotel.

Cara Cara Inn | £19/$33 AUD per night
This looks like a super cool new hotel/hostel, aimed at young travellers – which might be a great way to meet people. Some of the bigger rooms are a little more expensive but a twin room for £19 is still a steal. In a perfect location close to everything you’d need.

D’Gaduh Suite Kuta | £15/$26 AUD per night
Basic hotel, but seems tidy enough and would be comfortable enough for a few nights stay.

ZEN Rooms Kuta Flora | £17/$30 AUD per night
Simple and clean, with decent reviews on TripAdvisor and in a great location with Kuta Beach only a fifteen-minute walk.

Alron Hotel | £17/$30 AUD per night
A little bit further out than the rest of the hotels, but seems very clean and has relatively good reviews on TripAdvisor.

AB Hotel | £16/$28 AUD per night
Mixed reviews on TripAdvisor, but only a short walk from the beach and main restaurants and shops of Kuta, for the price it seems pretty good.

J Hotel Kuta | £17/$30 AUD per night
For the price, the quality seems to be great, with really good reviews on TripAdvisor, it is definitely somewhere we would stay.

All prices are based on a nights stay in February 2018, with prices being checked on, prices may rise.