Our thoughts on Nusa Lembongan

We’ve really fallen in love with this island, it’s so quiet and peaceful. There are a few things to do which would keep you busy for a few days, and its an amazing place to relax.

Getting Here
The best way to get here is to fly into Bali or Lombak and then use the Fast Boats to get here. We’ve used Scoot Fast Boats which we booked a few days before coming here from a local Tourist Information desk in Kuta. It was much cheaper to book them in person in Bali, compared to online. So I’d hang on and book when you get to Bali if you’re planning on visiting the island. Scoot has been pretty good so far to travel with, although the staff aren’t extremely welcoming they do get the job done. Getting your bags and all the passengers on the boat safely. They also do seem to be constantly running a little bit behind, so if you’re time-limited maybe book with someone else.

Getting Around
If you want to move around and explore Lembongan and Cennigan then you really need to rent a scooter or a golf buggy. The roads are generally quiet with only scooters, golf buggies and mini transit vans driving around. The roads are quite tight and some are just dirt tracks so you need to be careful when driving around on a scooter. We rented one between two of us which cost around 100k IDR/£5.59 a day, you can get them cheaper than this (60-90k IDR), we just rented straight from our villa as we felt we could trust them more. It was Toms first time driving a scooter, and says its much easier to drive alone compared to having a passenger on the back – but maybe I’m just a terrible passenger haha! If we were going to do it again we would probably rent one each.

ATM & Cash
We’ve taken enough cash with us to tie us through a few days as we’re worried about the access to an ATM. Although there is two on the island, they often run out of money. The power can go down quite often on the island so I wouldn’t solely rely on these ATMs. Our hotel also accepted card which is quite useful, so I’d imagine a few more would do as well. We’ve also seen a few restaurants that accept cards as well, but most seem to only take cash.

There are lots of hotels on the island, we’ve stayed with The Palm Groove, who I’d really recommend. The villas are beautiful, the pool is large with a great sunbed area to relax in. The staff are also very friendly and helpful, with great cleaners – you don’t always see spotless rooms in Bali, but these are. I would suggest booking a hotel on Lembongan rather than Cennigan though, most fast boats will drop you off at your hotel, but these transportation services don’t have access to the Cennigan island as the only way to get there is by another boat or cross over the Yellow Bridge so you’d either have to rent a scooter or walk over. To make it easier just stay on Lembongan, you can always rent a scooter to visit the other island.

Shops & Restaurants
There are a few local shops, but no Mini Marts or the general kind of brands you would see on the main Bali Island, so be prepared to pay a little more and not always get an ice cold coke. There’s lots of choice in restaurants though, with them starting from the cheap bracket up to the more expensive. We’ve only had one bad experience so far and that’s been at a place called ‘Mama Mia’, the food was bad and the service dreadful so I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone, on top of that it was pretty expensive. Somewhere we would recommend though is Seabreeze, as they serve super yummy food with an amazing view.

Time Needed on the Island
We’ve spent two nights and pretty much two days here, which is the perfect amount of time for us. We did all the main tourist activities in one day, and then kind of ran out of things to do on the second day. But if you love relaxing and eating good food then you could probably stretch to a week of relaxing.

Things to do:

  • Devils Tears – great for sunset, remember to go to Dream Beach though instead of where Google Maps takes you (Lembongan)
  • Yellow Bridge – cross over to the other island
  • Blue Lagoon – great view (Cennigan)
  • Secret Beach – great place for a drink and chill (Cennigan)

We would definitely visit this island again, probably only for a few days as we need to be kept busy to have fun haha! It was very relaxing and I’ll be sad to leave!