Day 12 – Relaxing Day in Senggigi

It’s our second day in Lombok, and we’ve decided to spend the day relaxing at our hotel and wandering into central Senggigi.

Last night, when we were deciding what to do we were thinking about heading into Mataram, but after a closer look, there weren’t as many touristy activities as we originally thought. We also decided that one of the reasons we left Bali for a week is so that we could have a bit more peace and quiet, if we were to head into the city we’d be surrounded by all the madness again probably.

We started the day with a lovely breakfast in our hotel, our hotel restaurant is positioned at the top of the cliff which our hotel is built into. The restaurant has beautiful views of all the surrounding hills, mountains, banana tree plants and the sea. Although the breakfast wasn’t the best thing we’d eaten so far on our trip the view more than made up for it.

With our bellies full we decided to walk it off and try and discover another local beach, we walked right out of our hotel down the main road for around half an hour but unsuccessfully managed to find our way onto the beach. Sometimes a large problem with travelling Indonesia is the lack of public paths, over here they mainly use bikes/scooter and the tourists are expected to too, or pay for the local taxis. We don’t mind spending money on taxis, but we find that we spend no time walking if we do that and we are both trying to walk more to improve our health. We are very put off by renting scooters, we did recently rent one on the Nusa Lembongan Island, but it was much quieter there than it is here and we’ve seen so many people around Bali, and Lombok so far with giant blisters and wounds on their legs from falling off scooters at high speed.

After a not very successful we decided to retreat to the pool, which is located just in front of the hotel restaurant so comes with the same amazing views.

Today has been a very quite day, we plan to walk down to the main Senggigi down again in around an hour but apart from that we’ve had a pretty relaxing day – sorry to bore you all!

Until tomorrow, thank you for reading.