Getting a UTI on a Working Holiday Visa

Starting 2018 happy with our friends, I didn’t think I’d be starting the first full day of 2018 with pretty terrible sickness, a UTI and an afternoon in The Alfred A&E Hospital Department, Melbourne. 

I’ll spare you all the horrible details, but basically, I get pretty bad UTIs quite frequently and with this particular infection I’d spent most of the night being really unwell so was quite badly dehydrated.

I knew I needed to get some antibiotics and probably some anti-sickness medication so I could start keeping water down and not make myself any worse.

With it being New Years Day all doctors surgeries were closed so the chance of me easily getting seen was turning into a bit of a nightmare. Then I realised I live pretty much across from The Alfred Hospital, and A&E departments usually have on-call doctors you can go in and see like your GP in a normal surgery.

I slowly headed up to the hospital, remembering to take my Medicare Card & Passport to prove who I was. Luckily, as a British Citizen, I receive free hospital health care which is definitely a massive relief when you are feeling really poorly.

I was seen by a nurse within minutes of being in the A&E Reception area, who quickly assessed me and decided she’d like to admit me for a few hours to get some fluids in me and help with the pain of the UTI.

I spent about 5-6 hours being looked after by a brilliant Junior Doctor and Nurse who within five to ten minutes of being on the ward had put me on a drip to get me fluids and had taken blood to check for the UTI. They really were great, and the care compared the NHS is noticeably better.

If you’re reading this, and you have a UTI then try not to worry. Hopefully, you have a Medicare card, and if so try giving them a call to find your nearest Doctors Surgery or give it a Google. You should be able to be seen quite easily on any normal day.