Finding Accommodation (Melbourne)

So you are planning to visit Melbourne, or stay in Melbourne long term either on your holiday or on your working holiday visa – this post can help you out with that!

Short Term Visit (Holiday/Couple of Days)

There are loads of great hotels around Melbourne but are usually on the expensive side. As backpackers/travellers we try and spend small amounts on hotels if possible, when we are staying in expensive cities we look out for deals on Groupon and Scoopon!

Airbnb is our favourite out of the lot, and we can actually offer you £25 credit off your first booking through this link here. There are many great options such as staying with families/homeowners, you’ll basically rent a bedroom which usually gives you a private or shared bathroom and access to kitchen and living spaces – this can be a great way to save some money while still having a great experience. Or you can rent a ‘whole place’, Tom and I usually go for this option, although it costs a little more it’s worth it to have your own space.

Hostels are always a good option, we find to be the best place to find the best deal. But as a couple, it’s usually cheaper for us to stay in an Airbnb that stay in a hostel – so we hardly ever actually stay in them.

Long-Term (1-6+ months)
This is an amazing website and was actually the route we were going to use for a long time. There are lots of listings on there, for a range of prices per week. We would definitely recommend signing up for a month as a plus member, as this gives you first access to listings and more ways to contact people. We seemed to get the best response from actually texting people.

There are many options for long-term Airbnb stays, although these might be quite a bit more expensive than using the above option. We do have some friends which are staying in a long-term Airbnb, so it definitely is possible. We’d suggest looking out of the city into the cheaper suburbs though for the best price.

This usually the best option for a couple staying in Melbourne for six months or longer. We’ll write a separate blog post about this soon though, as it can be a little more complex.

If you are coming to Melbourne, we’d suggest booking accommodation in as far as advanced as possible, as you’ll get the best price for it. We also suggest starting to think about the types of accommodation you’d like as this can really help – if you are going to use the competition can be pretty fierce so you’ll need to act quickly.