Exploring Temple Ruins in Ayutthaya‎ – Day Fifty, Ayutthaya‎ (Thailand).

Monday 6th August

We started off the day with a good solid 7 Eleven breakfast, like any other good backpacker… The strangest thing about backpacking or travelling on a budget are the things you start to consider as a normal part of everyday life. Ever since arriving in Thailand we’ve been pretty much living on 7 Eleven food, usually for breakfast – we eat from there that often now that I rarely even bother to write about it in the blog! When eating breakfast from 7 Eleven we usually spend around 200 baht/$8/£4, that money will buy us two toasties each – ham and cheese, then a curry one (yes I know they do toasties, cook them for you in the store, and they taste amazing!!), a coffee each, a banana each, a bag of crisps each and usually some sort of brightly coloured full of rubbish drink.

After a ‘nutritional’ breakfast we headed across to Ayutthaya‎ old side by the local boat, which costs 10 baht/40c/20p for the both of us and only takes a couple of minutes. Once we arrived on the old site, we headed straight up to one of the more popular temple ruins named Wat Mahathat. This temple cost us 100 baht/$4/£2 for the both of us to enter, and was extremely busy… probably because of the time and day, and probably because of the main attraction – the Buddha in the tree.

Once we’d finished exploring the first temple we walked through Rama Public Park enjoying the other temple ruins which you can explore for free, just some of these were Wat Nok Ayutthaya and Wat Sangkhapat. Through the other side of the park, we discovered Wat Phra Ram, another temple ruins which also costs 100 baht/$4/£2 per couple to enter.

A little more walking and we came across an area which seemed to house a new beautiful colourful temple named Vihara Phra Mongkhon Bophit, and an old temple ruin named Wat Phra Si Sanphet which also cost 100 baht/$4/£2 per couple to enter. After spending most of the day wandering around and exploring temples we were starting to get a little bored so opted for a bit of Pokemon Go playing. You are rarely short on finding Pokemon Go players in Thailand, and before we knew it we were in a battle over a gym.

We finished up our day with another ‘super healthy’ dinner of pizza from The Pizza Company, another large pizza company which you’ll find in most tourist populated Thai towns.