Exploring Penang/George Town for the First Time – Day Thirty One, Penang (Malaysia).

Monday 16th July

We started the day off by walking the coastline of George Town, although parts feel slightly more rural than the main areas of George Town you get to enjoy the beautiful blue ocean and see the views over to Butterworth. Heading further down the coastline lead us to Fort Cornwallis, which I’d previously read does some brilliant tours of the museum, with some very knowledgeable tour guides. We happily paid the 40 RM/$14/£8 expecting to find out all about George Town, but on entering we discovered the tours didn’t seem to be running and the museum under construction – a pretty big let down, for what seems like quite a lot of money when travelling on a budget.

In hope of better things, we set off on foot to Hean Boo Thean Temple, about a twenty-minute walk from Fort Cornwallis. The roads in Penang can be a bit hit and miss though, you can walk along happily for a good five minutes and then suddenly all the paths will disappear and you’ll be on a busy 4 lane road with traffic everywhere. Walking to Hean Boo Thean Temple is a bit like this with the temple being just off Pengkalan Weld road which seemed to be one of the main roads in the area, unfortunately, lots of the street artwork, jetty’s, temples and other tourists attractions are around this road, so lots of tourists have to brave this pretty chaotic walk. Reaching the temple was a little bit tricky, its positioned right on the edge of the coastline within local houses with lots of right and left turns to discover it. The temple itself is very pretty, with great views over the ocean, but again is under construction – although annoying, its pleasing to know that care is being taken over these buildings so that they don’t fall into disrepair.

By midday it was getting pretty hot, so we headed to a McCafe for a coffee, it’s usually one of the cheaper places to get a half decent coffee. In Indonesia, we were usually going to Starbucks, but it’s quite expensive there and we didn’t find the coffee to actually be any better.

To finish off the day we wandered the streets of George Town looking out for some of the famous street art. There’s so much discover I’m not even sure we saw a third of whats out there.

Poor Tom has caught a cold, so most of the afternoon was spent relaxing and napping.