Day 4 – Flying to Bali

Yesterday we flew to Bali from Doha, we loved our time in Doha and it’s definitely somewhere where would spend a couple of days in Transit again!

We spent two full days and three nights in Doha, flying in from Manchester with Qatar Airlines. We stayed at a hotel named Grand Regal about 15 minutes drive from the Airport, I’ll try and do a review of the hotel and area within the next few days.

Overall we spent around £100/500 Qatari Rial, the most expensive thing seemed to be Ubers. Uber taxis were still cheaper than they would have been in the UK, with a 15 minute ride costing between £2-4, and the main taxi to and from the airport costing around £5-8, pretty good value compared to some airport transfers!!

On the first full day we took out £50 from our travel credit card, if anyone is looking for an excellent travel credit card/debit card then I’ll put my suggestion below. This £50 mostly just covered food and drinks, neither Tom or myself rarely drink alcohol so that’s usually how we manage to keep our costs so low – we also mostly ate at McDonald’s and the BBQ place I talked about in my last blog, haha! We also spent most of our day either wandering around, exploring the free museums or hanging out with locals playing Pokemon Go!

Now I’ve bored you all with all our mundane details of Doha, I’ll tell you a bit about our travels from Doha to Bali. We booked all our main international flights with Qatar Airways, who was surprisingly really great to fly with – I’ll try and do a proper review within a few days. We flew out of Hamad International Aiport at 8am, but arrived at the airport itself around 5:30am. I usually like to arrive at an airport 3 hours before flying, but the airline themselves actually only suggested you arrive 90 minutes before your flight. We were a bit concerned that it might take a while to check our luggage in and get through security but it probably only took around 30 minutes.

Luckily, we managed to grab ourselves free extra leg rooms seats so we boarded the flight hoping for a comfy and peaceful flight. Unfortunately, I seem to get motion sickness pretty easily on long flights, especially early morning or late night flights where I’ve not managed to get enough sleep in beforehand. About an hour and a half into the flight I started to feel very poorly, I let one of the air hostesses know expecting little help but was presently surprised by how much they cared for me. They organised for me to have a whole back row to myself so I could lie down and sleep, then got me cold towels from first class to cool me down with. If it wasn’t for those brilliant cabin crew staff I’d of probably spent 9 hours feeling very very poorly!!

After around ten long hours we landed in Bali, around 11pm local time. Last time we came to Bali we booked into Harris Airport Hotel as they do super quick airport transfers, with it being late at night the last thing we wanted to do was have the stress at finding the Uber/Taxi pickup point with our super heavy bags!

We are so happy to be back in Bali, especially for our honeymoon, and have some super fun stuff planned for the next few weeks. Thank you for reading.

Travel Credit Card
Halifax Clarity Card – great exchange rates, no chargers on withdrawals and a decent enough APR. Although I usually try and pay my credit card of weekly to avoid any charges.

Travel Debit Card
Revolut – easy to top up, great customer service and easy to use