Day 3 – Second day in Doha

Actually writing on time today! Our second day in Doha, is hopefully more of an interesting read, especially for those of you that like a bit of Pokemon Go!

We decided to start the day slightly earlier, and rose at 8am rather than the 11am of yesterday!! Doing the typical ‘uncultured’ thing again and headed off for a McDonald’s breakfast – how many of you travellers actually do this as well? I know travel is meant to be full of new experiences but sometimes the easy options are just the most comforting and enjoyable, right?

So, we are slightly addicted to Pokemon Go, and have been for the past year. For those of you that play, you’ll know that there’s currently different legendary Pokemon in each region. Back in the UK we managed to get Entei, but here in Doha there’s a different legendary named Suicune, each of these Pokemon are only in each area for around a month – so we only have a couple of days to get Suicune before we cross the border into the next region which will hold the third legendary Pokemon. Luckily, before we left Tom had joined the local Pokemon Go Doha Group, so we decided to drop the group a message in the hope that they could help us out. Pokemon Go Gyms are spread all across cities, and these gyms are where the Pokemon pop up and need to be battled with a team of players – so finding and battling the Pokemon isn’t something we could do alone. The local team seemed interested to have two new players in the area, and one person in particular (sorry I didn’t catch their name!) offered to drive us around for a few hours, and play with us. So we spent a large portion of the morning and afternoon on a little personal tour with a local Pokemon Go player. There isn’t much better than getting to know the locals, he was full of so much information and drove us through the city to the museums/landmarks and local neighbourhoods. I know this probably doesn’t sound super exciting, but you’d be surprised the amount you discover about local living just from spending a few hours moving around different spots with a group of local people! For those of you that are interested, we managed to get our Suicune, so thank you to the Pokemon Go players of Doha!

After spending a few hours playing Pokemon, we decided we’d best actually go see some of the local cultures properly and returned to the Museum of Islamic Art. I’m so glad we did too because they had an amazing exhibition on about Imperial Threads, which was full of wonderful illustrations. There are lots to see there, and you could easily spend several hours exploring the building, taking photographs and seeing all of the exhibitions. Even better, its free, which is the sound of bliss to a budget traveller!!

Yesterday, we discovered a BBQ Restaurant named Shujaa Restaurant, they sell skewers of meat for a more than reasonable price, and it tastes amazing – we’ve actually never eaten BBQ/Skewers as good as these. The past two days we have ordered Chappattis (but there is also a fresh bakery next door, which sells tasty local artisan bread), Mixed Grill Skewers (Chicken, Beef, and Lamb – lamb is definitely the best according to Tom), Garlic Yoghurt, and two Pepsis – all of this came to around £5. You sit outside within the Souq Warif surrounded by locals, other travellers and the noise of the market.

With our belly’s full, we decided to watch the sunset around Doha on The Corniche and the park surrounding The Museum of Islamic Art. The sunset was red and golden, the type of sunset you only see on a red-hot, clear-skied day. If you want to see all our sunset pictures then hit up our travel isnta!

We are now finishing up the day relaxing in our comfy hotel room before our 10-hour flight to Bali early tomorrow morning. Wish us luck on our flight – hoping we managed to sleep through most of it.