Day 26 – Our Final Day in Bali

We woke up on Saturday morning sad that it would be our final day in Bali on this trip. Bali has been the perfect place for our honeymoon, its given us some beautiful sites, some amazing food and more importantly given us memories we will treasure for a lifetime.

I decided to really spoil myself on our final day and headed out to find a day spa, wandering around central Kuta I managed to come across a lovely little spa that seems to have a good reputation in the area – the spa is named Smart Spa, and they have many different branches throughout the Kuta area. My nails were looking super messy after two weeks of dragging heavy bags around so I decided to get a manicure and pedicure with Shellac and then also a back & neck massage. The staff in the spa are very lovely, they don’t know much English but enough to understand what you would like – this may not be the correct thing to say, but sometimes it’s nice just to be able to sit there and not have to make small talk.

Our flight wasn’t until 11:15pm, and we had to check out of our hotel at lunchtime so I decided to book a Transit Room at Harris Tuban Hotel as they always have nice big comfortable rooms to relax in before a flight. I always feel sick when flying as well and need to make sure I get enough sleep in before flying so I spent most of the afternoon sleeping, and Tom spent most of the afternoon relaxing.

We arrived at Bali Airport 3 hours early, hoping to bag ourselves some extra legroom seats, we were disappointed when we found out there was only one extra legroom seat left. Neither of us wanting to leave the other out, we decided not to take the seat and leave it for some lucky lone traveller.

Disappointed that we wouldn’t be grabbing ourselves some extra comfort for the flight, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice little bit of pre-flight dinner. We even managed to fit in playing some Pokemon Go (new Halloween Pokemon are out), and I managed to write Thursdays blog as well so I suppose some good came from arriving early.

After four hours of flying, surrounded by sleeping people but not being able to get even five minutes sleep yourself, there’s no better delight than watching the sunrise red like a fire over the horizon of Adelaide, Southern Australia. The deep red, to orange and finally to blue is an amazing site, even when you feel like your body has no more energy and you might collapse into a pile of nothing any minute, a sunrise can give you some kind of magical feeling – but then maybe I’m just a bit of a daydreamer.

Writing this with an hour left on the flight and desperate for the flight to be over!! Anyway, today is a separate day and I like don’t overlap on blog posts so I’ll leave it here.

As always, thank you for reading!