Day 24 – East Bali Day Tour

We’ve had a super busy, and very fun day today exploring the East of Bali – which is incredibly beautiful. 

We started the day early this morning, with our driver picking us up at 8am we needed to be up and starting to get ready at 7am. As 7am rolled around, and my alarm started ringing it was incredibly hard to wake up since we didn’t manage to get to sleep until around 1am!

Today, we chose to travel and tour with Bali Golden Tours as we fancied a change of driver, and since we are using our usual driver (Bagus) tomorrow we still felt fair in the fact we’d be giving him some work tomorrow.

We started the day by visiting Nadisuari Batik Factory, which is a craft store forty minutes drive from Central Kuta. They even show you how the paintings and sarongs are made, which is great to see. You can buy all sorts of little gifts from the store, and they are all a great price, and it’s nice to not have to haggle like you do on Kuta streets. Overall, on a couple of small items, we spent 70k IDR/£4.

After a little look around the Batik Factory, we headed to see some real silver jewellery be made at YanYan Gold & Silver Smith. It was brilliant to see how all the delicate jewellery was made, some small items taking up to a day to make – they all had very steady hands. I also managed to pick up a beautiful little Hindu charm for my charm bracelet which was 110k IDR/£6.

From YanYan we headed up to see our first temple of the day which was Pura Goa Lawah (Bat Temple), which was around an hours drive from our second stop. When we arrived at the temple our driver told us that unfortunately he would not be allowed into the temple to show us around, but instead, we would have to be shown around the temple by a local guide. We were a little disappointed that you are forced to use the local guide, but in Bali, there are many locals which need to make a living and I suppose this way it gives the locals of certain areas a chance to make money from tourism too. The temple is one of the nine main temples in Bali and homes thousands of bats!! When the temple was first created it had no name but is now named in relation to bats with ‘Goa’ meaning cave and ‘Lawah’ meaning bat. To enter the temple it is around 10k IDR/£0.50 per person, you are also expected to give the local guide a donation – we donated 50k IDR/£2.80.

Our next stop was Tenganan Village, about a half an hour drive from our previous stop. To enter the village a donation was expected, most people seem to be donating around 10k IDR/£0.50 per person, so we decided to donate the same. This village is a traditional agricultural village based in the regency of Karangasem. When you arrive at the village you are assigned a local villager which is also your guide, our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Although, as usual in all Bali tourists attractions you are expected to buy something from them. We are always happy to donate, and give a tip but don’t like to buy anything as we just don’t have the room in our bags to carry things around on our trips. The village itself was extremely interesting, it’s home to approximately 630 people across 291 families. It’s not possible to move/live in the village unless you are born in the village and you can also only marry within the village.

We then headed through to my favourite location of our day trip, this was Ujung Water Palace, an absolutely amazing place only half an hour from our previous stop. The entrance fee to this palace is a little more than other palaces and temples at 50k IDR/£2.80 per person. Its worth every single rupiah though, the palace is beautiful with well trimmed and cared for gardens and very grand central palaces. The palaces, based in the centre of the park were built as a weekend home for the king, but haven’t been used for over 80 years as Bali is no longer ruled by a king.

Our final stop for the day was Tirta Gangga, the entrance fee was 20k IDR/£1.10 per person and took around twenty minutes by car from our previous stop. The Tirta Gangga is a former royal palace, this is another beautiful palace and is a must see if you are exploring East Bali.

Today has been brilliant, and tomorrow we have another fun tour planned but instead, we are heading up to North Bali. We are fitting in as much as we can before we have to fly to Melbourne late on Saturday evening. We already excited to return again within the next year.

As always, thank you for reading.