Day 22 – Getting Bored in Legian, Kuta and Getting Takeout with Go-Jek

We’ve had super exciting few weeks, and as we get towards the end of our time here in Bali we are starting to run out of things to do, which has led to another pretty boring day!

We sat around for most of the morning before visiting Tommy’s Cafe in Seminyak, which seemed to be aimed at the taste of Aussies & Kiwis as we didn’t love it that much, the food was ok but they’d run out of baked beans which never makes an English person happy – especially when Tom wanted to order beans on toast (one of our English favourites!).

Tom and I also seem to have a strange obsession with supermarkets, maybe its because he’s a chef. But supermarkets, big ones especially always seem to have a bit of everything. Wherever we are, whatever country we are in we always like to hunt out a big supermarket and go have a look around. We’ve driven past a big local supermarket a few times while in Kuta, named Carrefour, so we decided to get check it out. Carrefour is based in a large shopping centre named Transmit, which is about a ten-minute drive from Kuta Beach area. The supermarket sells all sorts of local foods and a pretty decent bread section. Its good place to go if you’re planning on renting a self-catering villa for a week or more around the Kuta area.

Later on that evening my cold/flu had decided to really hit full force so we decided to finish the day how we started by laying around the hotel room. We got that lazy that we even decided to call takeaway to the hotel! We’ve seen a lot of Go-Jek drivers hanging around and thought it was about time we give it a go.

Go-Jek is pretty easy to use, all you need to do is download the app and go the Go-Food section and either look through your nearby or type in a takeaway such as ‘Dominos’, which is what we ordered. The app contains the menus and prices so you pick what you want, then click order and a Go-Jek driver will be allocated to you. I’m not sure if this happens all the time, but our driver then rang me to confirm our order before going into the takeaway and ordering and paying for our food. Once they’ve got the food they bring it to you on their scooter, you then pay for the food and the small amount of delivery fee. We paid 150k IDR/£8.50 for a pizza and two sides with delivery and we gave the driver around a 20k tip because he was so helpful and fast!

Anyway, thank you for reading my pretty boring blog for the day!