Day 21 – Relaxing in Legian, Kuta

Today we decided on a quiet day since we’ve been pretty busy the past week or so in Ubud, we thought it was about time we had a quiet day and didn’t get up to very much. 

As people who get bored easily when travelling, we usually need something to do every day, and within the next few days I think boredom in Kuta is really going to set in – well as I write this now Tom is frantically searching the web for things to do in Kuta, we wish it was easy to make friends while travelling but I think unless you are hanging out at the busy local bars and staying in hostels, it’s near impossible to find any similar couples, and is pure accident when you finally find a few other people to hang out with.

We’ve mostly hung around Seaside Restaurant based right across from Double Six beach today, they serve dirt cheap Bintang Radlers and decent enough food. The internet is also nice and super quick, so I can browse the web without worrying about using all our local SIM card data up before we leave.

I’ve also managed to get a cool day tour planned in for Friday which we are super excited for!! We are heading further up north and also trying out Bali ‘Treetop Adventure Park’.

As today’s been a pretty quiet day, I’ll keep this post short and sweet. As always, thank you for reading.