Day 20 – Coming back to Legian, Kuta

Saturday was our last morning in Ubud, we’ve loved Ubud this time around and wished we’d booked some more time there. Heading back to Legian is ok, but we feel like we are back in the chaos with very little to do.

We seem to of acquired ourselves a driver while here in Bali, which is great because its so hard to know who to go to when you fancy a day trip or you need to get back to central Kuta from other areas of the island – its great to have someone you can message easily, who’s always helpful, and never rips you off. Our driver came to pick us up at lunchtime, turning up early, as usual, to make sure he was there in time for when we were ready to leave.

The journey back to Legian, Kuta took just over an hour and a half which is pretty good by Bali standards on a Saturday lunchtime as it can sometimes take up to three hours!! We are now staying at Ibis on Legian Street, which is a nice comfy hotel but just lacks the feeling that these little hotels give you, its hard to meet anyone, make any new friends or really feel truly welcome in a chain such as Ibis. Staff are nice enough, but nothing compared to our previous hotel in Ubud.

My immune system seems to of taken a complete crash, or is just now non-existent because I’ve managed to catch the flu or at least a pretty bad cold. So after finally checking into the hotel around 2pm I took a good few hour afternoon nap, hoping it would curb the cold just enough for us to potter around and catch some dinner in the evening.

By the time I woke up, I’d manage to sleep some energy into my body and we decided to take a wander down Double Six beach which is one of the nicer beaches in the area, but very busy! It didn’t take us long to come away from the busy sands of the beach and head into a local restaurant serving cheap Radler Bintang.

Our friends from England, who is also moving to Melbourne with us arrived in Bali early Sunday morning so we met up with them for a bite to eat in the evening. We finally managed to get into Fat Chow, which we’ve been eyeing up since we arrived in the Kuta on our first few days of this trip. The food was great and we will definitely return.

To be honest, over the next few days we plan to take it easy so apologies for the incredibly boring blogs!

As always, thank you for reading.