Day 2 – First full day in Doha

Yesterday was our first full day in Doha, Qatar. We spent the day exploring the city and eating in the amazing markets.

On the run up to our trip I worried about our first full day, I was scared I would wake up and felt as if we’d made the wrong decision and just want my cats, my home and my old life back. Luckily I was wrong, and we woke up feeling excited and thrilled about a new city. Obviously, we miss our family and friends but we are looking forward to a few weeks of hopefully uninterrupted travel!

We started the day pretty late, as we arrived in Doha in the early hours of Monday morning. Unsure where to start we had a quick flick through one of my old blog posts, a local guide in the hotel, and a quick Trip Advisor lookup. We decided on Museum of Islamic Art, hoping we’d find some brunch/lunch down there. Unfortunately, being our slightly dosey selves we didn’t actually check the opening times/days and arrived there to find it closed.

By this point, I was pretty hungry, and I’m not a great hungry person – ask Tom, he’ll be able to tell you how mad I get. So we decided to do the most uncultured thing and Uber to a McDonalds. The ride to the shopping centre, which held the McDonalds, was beautiful – Dohas Highways/Main Roads stretch across the bay, leading you from one side of Doha to the other with a beautiful view of either side and the surrounding waters edge.

After a pretty mundane morning, we decided to head into the depths of an even more boring/unentertaining afternoon and have a nap back at the hotel. I’m a keen daytime napper, and flights always knock all my energy out of me for a few days, so we usually try and get as much rest as we can the first day or two after a flight.

Finally, after a good few hours nap we headed out back into the city deciding to have a walk along The Corniche and hunt down some food in the local markets. The walk itself lead us close to the Souq Waqif market, and we managed to hunt down an amazing little BBQ place – which I’ll talk about in my next blog.

After a good few hours of wandering and exploring we started to feel confident in our little patch of the city, so decided to walk back to the hotel. When travelling we try to walk as much as possible, using Uber for the first few days to get to grips of where we need to be. Then after that, we used Google Walking Maps with the 4G on our sim cards to guide us around the city.

So, our first day in Doha wasn’t as exciting and eventful as others may have had, but we enjoyed ourselves and were happy with the small amount of discovering we had done. Thank you for reading!

The Museum of Islamic Art
This is a museum located along Corniche, full of fantastic art. The museum building itself is also an amazing piece of architecture, and definitely, should not be missed on a visit to Doha. Surrounding the museum is the bay and a beautiful park, which also doubles up as a great place to watch the sunset!

The Corniche
This is a long walkway which connects the two sides of Doha, it stretches along the water’s edge and has great views of either side of Doha.

Souq Waqif Market
Is a market which sells many items from souvenirs, to live animals, garments and many other things. The market is also full of amazing places to eat, and I’d imagine it would easily take a good week or two to try them all!

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