Day 18 – Day Tour in Ubud

Yesterday, I managed to organise a driver to drive us around to see some of the most amazing spots of Ubud. I also invited along another couple which I met on the Bali Travel Forum (Facebook), and another couple which we bumped into yesterday at our hotel and ended up spending the morning/mid-afternoon with.

Our day started early with another brilliant breakfast overlooking the rice terraces, we were up and eating by around 8am. It was nice to be up a bit earlier than usual, we’d really be able to make the most of the whole day. Our driver came to pick us up for 8:30am, and by 9:15am we had collected the other couple and were on our way to our first destination.

Our first destination was the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, which none of us had visited before. It was a 40-minute drive out of central Ubud, which has always put us off going before as its quite hard to get taxis around Ubud and we’ve never fancied renting scooters and driving on some pretty dangerous roads. The views across the rice terraces are absolutely amazing, I’ve never seen so much fresh green colours. We climbed down from the main road in the centre of the rice terrace to truly explore our surroundings. To explore this destination the local farmers expect a donation, we donated around 10k IDR/0.60pp which seemed to be about what other backpackers/young tourists were donating.

After the rice terrace we met up back up with our driver who asked us if we’d like to visit a Coffee Plantation, we have previously visited two before, but the other two couples hadn’t and we wanted to make sure everyone got to see everything so we headed through to Manik Abian Bali Agriculture. This coffee plantation is actually one of the best we’ve actually ever visited if not the best, the guide who took us around the farm was so full of knowledge and chatty. Even after he’d finished showing us around he chatted to us about everything from the football in Bali to the possible eruption of Mount Agung. We didn’t feel pressured to buy anything in the shop either, which is what these coffee farms usually do, and because we didn’t feel pressured and uncomfortable we could actually look around easier and actually buy some stuff! They also had amazing chocolate that you could sample for free!

Not far from the rice terrace is a viewpoint in Kintamani to see Mount Batur, and the lake surrounding it. To enter this area it costs around 20k IDR/£1.10 pp, which is pretty great value for the incredible view you get from the top. Every time we come to Bali we talk about doing the Mount Batur treck, but just never get the courage together to commit to it – hopefully next time!

We then headed through to Holy Spring Water Temple, which is something that’s been on our list of things to do since the last time we came to Bali. This temple is definitely one of the busiest I’ve ever been to at that time of day, it was full of locals and tourists. The temple consists of a spiritual bathing area where Balinese Hindus and some tourists go for ritual purification. Quite a few tourists seemed to be bathing here, but we felt like since we aren’t related to the religion then it wouldn’t be the right thing to do (we would also have felt a little cheeky getting back into the driver’s car soaking wet!). To enter this temple I think it was 20k IDR/£1.10 pp, and you are expected to make a donation to the members of staff which help you put your sarong on.

Finally, to top the tour off we visited Tegenungan Waterfall which is absolutely beautiful, its surrounded by lush green jungle. But takes quite a few steps to get down to it, so take your time, especially on the way back up!! To visit this attraction it cost 15k IDR/£0.85 pp. We were a little disappointed to find that you couldn’t properly get in the water, so hopefully the next waterfall we visit we’ll be able to take a proper dip in!

Overall, for the full day of travelling, we paid 250k IDR/£14 per couple, plus a tip for our driver. Our driver is excellent and we will actually be using him again in a few days time!

To finish the day off we relaxed on the rooftop of our hotel with our new friends with a couple of G&Ts! Special thank you to our new friends we’ve made up here in Ubud, you’ve truly made our trip to Ubud amazing and we hope you the best for the rest of your honeymoon in Bali.

As always, thanks for reading.