Day 15 – Recovering from Sickness on Gili Air

For the past couple of days I’ve not been feeling great, and to make it worse we both got super sunburnt on our snorkelling session while on Gilli Trawangan. Hopefully today we will both be on the mend!

Since we had a very early night last night we both were up and ready for breakfast at around 8am, which was great because we were due to get on another public slow boat to Gili Air at 9:50am (costing the same as yesterday, and taking the same amount of time from Gili Meno to Gili Air).

We arrived on the island by around 10:15am, after a bit of a palaver trying to get quite a large boat into quite a small gap (well done to the guy driving the thing, god only knows how you got it in that tiny gap!!). As I said in yesterdays blog, all the Gili Islands have no access to cars or scooters so only the same modes of transport were available to us again today. Yet again, I’d made the great decision of booking a hotel at the other side of the island, those horse and carriage ride took around fifteen minutes and cost 100k IDR/£5.61, although they did want to charge us 150k IDR.

The hotel I booked is named Puri Air Resort, and when we arrived at first we were quite pleased, although I can’t stay it stayed that way for much longer. The lady on the desk was very pleasant and seemed happy and friendly. After checking in, we were taken through to our room, which wasn’t so great – the room hadn’t been cleaned so the lady who checked us in sent the cleaners in, who literally took 2 minutes to clean the place. Now I’m no hotel expert, but I’m pretty sure if somebody had stayed in that room the night before like the receptionist had told us, then the room would need more than a ‘quick once over’. Unfortunately, the room only got worse, after being cleaned we were left to ‘enjoy ourselves and relax’, almost immediately cockroaches started to appear – within 10 minutes we had killed around five. Cockroaches are also meant to be nocturnal creatures, so if that’s how many their where in the middle of a red hot day, imagine what this place like would have been on the night. We secluded to our outside space, to try and decide what to do, after calming down we decided to go back inside, only to find another several cockroaches, and a whole load of ants eating one of the cockroaches we’d just killed!! By this point we were both disgusted, so went to tell the hotel staff. I went over to let them know what was going on, only to be laughed at and to be given the kind of reaction which screamed ‘we don’t give a fuck’. So with that, I handed them the room key back, and we left, on the hunt to find a new and CLEAN hotel.

We managed to find a new hotel, but unfortunately, it is right on the other side of the island, which is where we need to be in the morning anyway to catch our new boat service back across to Bali. The new hotel we have chosen to stay in is called Villa Karang Hotel & Spa and took us a nightmare thirty-minute walk across the island with super heavy bags in the real hot heat to get to, but we were very happy when we turned up to see lovely clean floors, walls and just general tidiness.

Happier now we’d found a comfortable and clean hotel, close to where we needed to be in the morning we decided to heat out and try and find somewhere we could do some more snorkelling. The only downside to this was that we’d previously managed to burn the backs of our bodies quite badly, so to be able to go snorkelling again we needed to keep quite well covered up and be plastered in sun cream. I wore a vest and Toms spare long swimming shorts, and Tom wore his swimming shorts and a t-shirt, we looked quite the couple climbing into the ocean with snorkels, flippers, and basically a full outfit of clothes.

After a couple of hours of snorkelling we explored the streets trying to find somewhere to eat, the island seemed pretty quiet. After a little bit of searching we managed to find somewhere called Shark Bites, the reviews on TripAdvisor seemed good but unfortunately, the food wasn’t great (Tom sent his food back because it was cold) and cost around 250k IDR/£14 for two mains, and two drinks.

Our island exploring has pretty much come to an end and we’ll be back over in Bali soon exploring Ubud for the second time (we visited last year!).