Day 15 – Getting Sick on Gili Meno

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling the best, and by early Monday morning, I was feeling pretty unwell. I’m guessing it was a case of ‘Bali Belly’, or mild food poisoning. But either way, it’s not great to be sick when you are on your honeymoon.

We were staying in Gili Trawangan when the sickness came on, and at 4am in the morning I thought about booking some more nights in Gili Trawangan rather than boating over to Gili Meno. But as the sun rose, and I’d managed to get another hours sleep I started to think about how sometimes when you’re sick you’ve just got to get on with your plans and hope it goes off.

By 9:30am we were down at the harbour and waiting for the Public Boat which costs 35k IDR/£2 per person and takes around fifteen minutes to get to Gili Meno from Gili Trawangan. Unfortunately, the boat was packed, and wasn’t as steady going as I thought it might be – which is never nice for someone who potentially may be sick, or have something even worse happen to them (toilet humour!!)…

Luckily, I managed the whole boat ride fine, and so did Tom, who usually gets sick on boats! But now we had the next challenge of getting to our villa which was based right on the other side of the island. On all the Gili Islands, scooters and cars are banned so the only kind of transport is by foot, by bike or by horse and carriage. Now, I’m not a fan of horse and carriage but when you’re sick and you’re carrying big bags then its the only option – all I can hope is that some of my money goes towards the care and wellbeing of the horse.

At around 10:30am we arrived at our villa (Les Villas Ottalia) but were told we couldn’t actually check-in till around 1pm – not exactly what you want to hear when you just need to go have a nap. Luckily, the villa staff allowed us access to their pool area so we could rest on the pool loungers. After a few hours of waiting our room was ready, and we were (or maybe just I!!) finally allowed to have a nap.

After a most needed nap, we headed out to try and find some dinner. Gili Meno is very quiet, and there really isn’t large amounts of choice – which you should expect from an island of its size. But we did manage to find an ok looking little beach restaurant which made the most amazing fresh orange juice I’ve ever tasted! Tom had a ‘BBQ Beef Steak’ which was actually sliced beef & onions in an oriental style sauce, not what he expected but he still enjoyed it. I had chocolate pancakes (as I didn’t have much of an appetite), which was ok but I couldn’t really stomach much with being poorly.

We ended the day pretty early, as I really needed an early night to feel better. Yesterday was a pretty boring one but at least we got some well-needed rest!

As always, thanks for reading.