Day 14 – Snorkelling on the Gili Trawangan Island

Today we explored the islands glorious Coral Reef, and amazing Turtle Bay – we explored so hard that we forgot all about putting on extra suncream and got really burnt!

After an early night last night, to get over suspected ‘Bali Belly’, we were up and out of bed by 9am. I was still feeling a little funky this morning and didn’t have much energy, but luckily we didn’t have to walk far to get our breakfast as our accommodation at Trawangan Dive supplies a free buffet breakfast.

Yesterday’s snorkelling trip was pretty successful towards the end, so we decided to pick up where we left off and cycle down to Turtle Bay (a must do to see the most amazing turtle and coral reef!). From our accommodation, it only took around ten minutes to cycle there, and we managed to pick up snorkels and flippers (shoes) pretty cheap, we rented them for around 100k IDR/£5.60 for two sets, for the full day. After dropping our bags on one of the day beds closest to the ocean we jumped into the sea. With the sun shining, and the sea lovely and clear I was already feeling a lot more confident and manage to swim straight out seeing all sorts of beautiful sights. We also saw numerous turtles, if you’d like to see our images of these head over to our Instagram.

We snorkelled for so long and got so wrapped up in all the beautiful sights that we managed to get quite badly sunburnt, as the suncream we put on earlier had washed off. All the back of our bodies is quite badly burnt, but as the day closes to the end we are starting to feel a bit less red hot, and a bit less burnt so hopefully tomorrow morning our skin will be on the mend. Please be careful if you are out here in the lovely hot weather, especially if you’re in the sea – the sun catches you so easily.

With our bodies burning from the sun we decided to wrap up our snorkelling session and head out on our bikes to catch some cool air around our legs. On the cycle, we decided to go to the west side of the island to find some of those ‘famous’ Gili Island swings. They weren’t hard to find within minutes of being on the opposite side 0f the island they started popping up at the water edge. We parked our bikes up quite easily at the side of the road and wandered onto the beach. Each of the swings seemed to be spread out in front of each beach bar, we were expecting to have to buy a drink to get to the swings but around midday when the bar is quiet and the sun is too high for that perfect ‘sunset’ picture they were quite happy to let you wander around and climb onto the swings. If I’m honest, I think these swings are very overrated, and all about having the perfect body, the perfect image, and the perfect DSLR camera to take the pictures on. Unless you pick the perfect time for the sunlight and take someone with you who knows how to use a fancy camera you may be disappointed with your pictures. It was nice to try out, and I’m sure some people manage to take amazing ‘selfie’ pictures. With each swing surrounded by perfectly groomed youngsters, we felt too old (even at our mid-twenties), and definitely felt too unattractive to be hanging out there. It was cool to try though, and maybe the swings on the other islands will fit our ‘uncool’ vibe haha!

Tonight we managed to hunt out what is quite possibly the only Indian restaurant on the Gili Islands, named Persona, the food was nice enough – not our usual ‘British Curry’, but tasty. Unfortunately, the curries were slightly too spicy for us and the service from the staff was pretty terrible. They didn’t seem to care about any of their customers and were very rude. So sadly I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Earlier today I reviewed our terrible trip with Scoot Fast Cruise, and we’d both decided that we definitely didn’t want to travel back to Bali with this company. So on the way back from our dinner, we headed to one of the stalls for ‘Ekajaya Fast Boats’, which offer large, comfy, stable and safe boats. After a little bit of hunting around on Bali Travel Groups (Facebook), we’d found that these were also quite heavily recommend for safety and comfort. After deciding that this was probably the right choice we spent 350k IDR/£20 each for a one-way journey from Gili Air to Padang Bai, which also includes transfers into central Ubud.

Tomorrow we are heading over the Gili Meno ‘The Honeymoon Island’, hopefully, Gili Meno will be a little more peaceful – as I’m writing this all I can hear is screaming and shouting coming from the front of the hotel. I’m not against people having fun and drinking, but I really can’t stand listing to the screaming and shouting at 10pm at night. Maybe people would call me up-tight, but oh well! As always, thank you for reading.