Day 13 – First day on Gili T

Yesterday we left Lombok and travelled to Gili Trawangan for a couple of days of peace and quiet before heading back over to Bali.

If you want to read about our morning and early afternoon of not so peaceful and relaxing travels, then head over here.

We arrived at Gili T around 2pm and headed straight to our hotel named Trawangan Dive, which is resort mostly for divers but is also very close to the beach and centre of what I suppose you would call the town of the island. So far, we have been very impressed by this hotel, the bed is big and comfy. The rooms are lovely and clean, and the staff are very friendly. The price was excellent as well, I think we paid around £30 a night. It isn’t glam, and beautiful like some might expect for a ‘honeymoon’, but we are happy with the quality and would prefer to spend our budget out exploring than buying fancy hotel rooms.

Tom and I aren’t very good at sitting still, so decided to head straight out after checking in and try and find somewhere we could rent bicycles from. After walking for a couple of minutes we found a guy on the beach with a large selection of decent looking bikes so decided these would be fine. We’ve paid 210k IDR/£12 for two bikes, and a bike lock for two days. You can definitely find these cheaper, but the bikes wouldn’t be as good, we’ve seen some people riding around on some right dodgy looking bikes which are probably held together by wet sand haha!

We love exploring so set straight out to ride around the island, following the oceanside road we cycled for around half an hour taking in the white sands, clear blue ocean and many interesting looking restaurants before deciding to stop in a small little cafe. Luckily we’d found somewhere quickly as the heavens opened and we received a typical Indonesian style monsoon rain for fifteen minutes. The cafe we stopped at is named Gili Frame, and unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, the food isn’t great and I’m pretty sure I’ve got ‘Bali Belly’, or a mild version of food poisoning from the food here.

Exploring done, we decided to rent some snorkels and go see the Coral Reef located around the island. There is a dedicated area where you can safely snorkel and this is where most the snorkel shops are located. We found a reasonable set of snorkels just outside our hotel and rented them for two hours which cost 50k IDR/£2.80. Last year when we went travelling Tom successfully snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, I just kept drowning so sadly got pulled out. I’m not very confident in the water but thought shallow sea would be the best place for me to learn. Tom had to be very very patient for the first hour as I kept sucking water in through the top of my snorkel somehow and panicking as soon as it got to an area where I could no longer stand up. But towards the end of the second hour, we were both happily snorkelling around. Snorkelling has made us love the Gili T even more, and we wish we could stay here longer – but I’m sure we will be back in just over a year.

With snorkelling finally mastered we headed out for some dinner, we’ve struggled with finding anywhere to eat in Gili T. Our usual go-to app, TripAdvisor, didn’t seem to have a huge amount of listings and places we knew existed didn’t seem to be showing up on TripAdvisor. After some hunting Tom managed to find a little Italian in the back streets which had great reviews and good prices, this place is named Kafe Kecils. We ordered two mains, a side and two soft drinks. The bill was around 220k IDR/£12.45.

Overall our first day in Gili T was pretty good, apart from the traumatic travel with Scoot – but I think we’ve recovered from that now haha! As always, thank you for reading.