Day 11 – Travelling to Lombok

Today we travelled from Nusa Lembongan to Senggigi, Lombok. We’ve been travelling with Scoot Fast Boats so far from Bali, and have a couple more trips booked with them.

This morning we had an early start to make sure we were ready in time for our 9:45 hotel collection. We were up around 8am to finish the last of our packing and head out for some breakfast, we headed back to Black Wood Coffee shop. Tom decided on the same breakfast as yesterday, whereas I decided to try the Smoothie Bowl – since we’d be travelling by boat for two hours I definitely didn’t want to have a heavy breakfast as I’m such a motion sickness kind of person!

Scoot has definitely not impressed us today, they turned up to collect us fifteen minutes early – luckily we were ready. All the fast boat travel companies come to pick up in a little open back transit van, well our one particular driver treated the roads as some kind of race track, which was petrifying!! We then had to hang around for nearly two hours at the bay as madness and complete lack of organisation took place. Around 4 different Scoot boats turned up at the same time, with no passengers being told which boat they were meant to get on, it was up to the passengers to closely watch which boat the staff took their bag to and then follow. I’d imagine a lot of people are constantly getting on the wrong boat and losing their luggage because there are staff, people, and boats all over the place with completely no organisation. To make it worse, we were both super worried we would get travel sickness on the two-hour boat ride, we had taken travel sickness tablets before getting on, but sometimes these just aren’t strong enough. When it came to our time to be hoarded onto our boat we were luckily put on one of the longer and more stable looking boats – which meant no travel sickness for the full two hours – woo! Although Scoot is not perfect, they do get the job done, although you’ll probably end up behind schedule. The prices are also really good, so I probably would suggest them to other backpackers.

Two hours later we pulled into Senggigi bay to pouring down rain and thunderstorms – lovely. Luckily our Trespass bags come with their own little raincoat, so it was only us and our smaller bags that got drenched.

We are staying in a lovely hotel named Svarga Resort, who’d even done us some special honeymoon decorations in our room, very lovely of them to add something a little bit special to our stay.

After freshening up in our room we decided to walk into central Senggigi, which is about a half an hour walk. We’ve not done much walking over the past two days as we’ve been using a scooter so we decided its best to get back out using our legs!! After walking for a while we found a cheap little pizza place named Warung Buana we paid around 125k IDR/£7 for two pizzas, fries and a drink each – so very cheap!

With our bellies full, we decided to walk further out of Senggigi to a temple named Batu Bolong Temple which is an oceanside temple, it’s literally next to the ocean and may suffer from waterside damage in the future. Donations are expected to enter the temple but these donations do go towards the upkeep of the temple.

Tomorrow we plan to head into the nearest big city to explore and visit some more historic sites.

As always, thank you for reading.