Day 1 – Traveling to Doha!

Yesterday on the 25th September we set off to Manchester Airport to begin our journey to Australia. Before Australia we are stopping off in two places; Doha & Bali. 

On the largest leg of our journey we are flying with Qatar Airways, at first I was reluctant to book with them as I’ve heard more about Emirates and Cathay Pacific, but the prices were good (£350 each to Bali, with a three-night stopover in Doha) and the journey times were shorter compared to the others. If you’re under 30 then you should always check out STA Blue Ticket prices, I’m pretty sure we saved around £100pp booking with STA Travel.

We left Manchester Airport at around 3:30pm (UK time), and landed at Hamad International Airport about 12:30am (Qatar time, which is +2 hours on UK time). A travel time of around 7 hours it was pretty easy going, last year when we travelled to Bali for the first time we travelled for around 30 hours straight, on two different planes. I ended up feeling super poorly, nobody likes being sick on a plane, and my sickness lasted around 6 hours. From then on we decided we’d always split flights, and try not to book any flights which last longer than around 11 hours.

Hamad International Airport is a pretty snazzy airport, but be careful you don’t accidentally end up in transit after exiting your plane! When we landed we were taken on buses through to the airport security, but the first stop was for transit passengers only – nothing was announced about this, and if I hadn’t of asked a member of staff we could have ended up at the other/wrong side of the airport.

Going through security took a lot longer than we expected, the ques were quite long even at 1am, it probably took about an hour to get through security as there were only about 3-4 desks open.

We decided to get an Uber to our hotel (Grand Regal Hotel), not sure if that was the best decision at nearly 2am when neither of us were totally sane. The Uber cost around £5-6, with a journey time of around 15 minutes, so it really wasn’t a bad price for airport transport.

Whichever country we are in, we always buy a local sim card, even if we are only going to be there for a few days. It helps so much to have access to the internet whenever you need it, for example, we’ve easily been able to get Ubers and use Google Maps to walk around and get where we need to be.

Bit of bland/boring first travel day, but I’m sure they’ll be more interesting stuff to come in the next few days. Thanks for reading!