What to do if you go to Hospital on a Working Holiday Visa

Going to hospital, or Accident and Emergency can be very scary on any normal day. But if you need to go to the hospital on a working holiday visa, it can be even worse – especially if you’re on your own like I was.

On New Years Day of 2018, I ended up having a really bad UTI and couldn’t stay hydrated at all. While Tom was at work, I ended up having to drag myself to Accident & Emergency to see a doctor. If you’re interested in my not so fun day, you can read about it here.

What to do if you need to go to a hospitalĀ on your working holiday visa

If you’re a citizen of the UK, this is the blog for you. Unfortunately, I’ve found it quite hard to get solid information about visiting the hospital while on a working holiday visa. So I’m writing this from my perspective as a UK Citizen over here in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

When I was sick, I didn’t require an ambulance – luckily. Ambulances over here are not covered by Medicare, so would come out of your own finances, or if you are insured for your whole working holiday visa then your insurance would hopefully pay for it.

Before going to the hospital make sure that you have your passport and your Medicare card with you to take, you’ll be asked for these at reception before being given any care.

You’ll then probably find out, that because the UK and Australia have a medical care between them that your hospital visit will be free the same as it would have been in the UK under the NHS.


Its great to know that as a UK Citizen you are covered by Medicare while here in Australia. It definitely makes you feel a lot safer when your halfway across the world from your home country.

Please only read this blog as very loose advice, this is only my experience of Medicare over here in Australia and yours may be different. For solid advice please contact Medicare.