How to Buy a Car on a Working Holiday Visa in Melbourne

Buying a car in a new country is definitely an interesting task, and turned out to be a lot more stressful than we first thought – there’s a lot to think about. If you’re interested in buying a car on a Working Holiday Visa in Melbourne then this post might help you out a little bit!

Where to Look for a Car

What We Were Looking For

We are the typical backpacker couple, we want a bit of our own space, we want to hang out with friends, we want the chance to explore more and go on road trips. So I’m sure what we were looking for, may be similar to what you might want.

  • Manual or automatic Car
  • No more than 200k on the clock
  • Reputable¬†seller
  • Not previously owned by backpackers (yes I know, probably not fair)
  • Cheap to run
  • Big enough for 4 adults
  • 2wd – we have no need for a big petrol greedy 4wd
  • Not too old, probably early 2000 to 2006
  • No more than $3000
  • Must come with 10-12 months Rego (similar to UK Car Tax)
  • Must come with Road Worthy (similar to M.O.T in the UK)

What We Managed to Find

Most of the cars we found mostly seemed to be on Gumtree, so I’d definitely suggest using Gumtree and to be honest that’s where I’ve previously bought cars before from the UK, so I already trusted the site in some sense.

We spent about a week looking, keeping a list on Google Doc – we are quite organised so we listed them with info such as miles, manual/automatic, and price. In the end, we only ended up going and seeing one car and then buying that car. We managed to find one listed on Google which came with pretty much everything –¬† eleven months Rego, the price to transfer the car over to our name (the garage paid for this with VicRoads), the garage also paid our stamp duty on our car, and it had a Roadworthy. It was a lot easier to find a place that would do all of this for us, and I’d definitely recommend Alex at AutoPointCarSales. We’ve owned the car for probably 2-3 weeks so far and nothing has gone wrong with it so far, it runs and works perfectly. The garage was pretty good to us and threw in a free service for us because we told them how far we would be driving.

So here’s a breakdown of what we ended up getting:

  • Hyundai Elantra
  • 2004
  • 190k on the clock
  • Manual
  • 11 months rego
  • Full roadworthy
  • Stamp Duty Paid
  • Transfer Fees Paid
  • Previous Female owned (not a backpacker)
  • Very cheap to run
  • Under $3k AUD

We are super happy with our car so far, hopefully (fingers crossed) it doesn’t break down on us in the outback on the way to Uluru – haha.

Buying Car Insurance on a Working Holiday Visa

Its a law here in Australia, that you must have car insurance, similar to the UK. But buying it isn’t so simple, as not everywhere will ensure you with an overseas licence, so make sure you check when buying insurance. We ended up going with AAMI, and only paid around $300 for the full year.

Getting Breakdown Cover

We’ve been a bit useless with this so far, and haven’t got around to buying it – but will be doing before we leave Melbourne. Make sure that you buy Breakdown that covers you Australia wide if you are planning to travel.