How to Setup Your Bank up on a Working Holiday Visa

Setting up your bank account on your working holiday visa is actually super simple and for you couples or married couples like Tom and I you can even easily set up a joint bank account.

Picking a Bank on a Working Holiday Visa

There are many banks to choose from over here in Australia, each with pros and cons. In the end, we decided to go to NAB, and below you can see a short bit of information about each bank:


  • Will cost you a monthly fee of $5.
  • No min balance.
  • A very popular bank so easy to find across Australia.

Commonwealth Bank:

  • $4 monthly fee for the everyday bank.
  • Another very popular bank so easy to find across Australia.


  • $0 fees.
  • No withdrawal fees at many ATMs across Australia.
  • From our perspective: great customer service!


  • Monthly fee of $5
  • Easy to use in New Zeland if you also plan on going there.

How to Setup a Bank

This is very easy, compared to the UK where you have to book a bank appointment, which sometimes takes weeks. Although, the UK does seem to be picking up their online services so most 18+ will be able to set a bank up online now in the UK.

Anyway, back to Auzzie banking. All you’ll need to do is pick which company you’d like to bank with and head into the branch with your passport, and proof of address.¬†Proof of address for us was something as simple as a copy of our AirBnB booking. If you’re a couple and would like to set up a joint bank account then make sure you request a joint bank account, and that you are both there at the same time to set up the account.

Few Things to Know About Banks in Australia

  • Most ATMs/CashPoints will charge you to take out money, usually only a couple of dollars. The only machines that don’t charge you are ones that you bank with. For example, we bank with NAB so we only withdraw at NAB ATMs as we know it’ll be free there.
  • You can use contactless/EFTPOS nearly everywhere in Australia. Since the first time we visited back in 2016 they seem to have really upped their game with this. You can even spend up to around $100 per transaction contactless. Pretty helpful in most situations!
  • When you pay by card and are asked to enter your pin you’ll also have to go through a short menu system, asking you what type of card you are using. This was very confusing for me at first because there are three options, one of them being credit, and the other two – well neither of these say ‘Debit’. I was told to use the ‘Savings’ option! Just a little helpful heads up if you easily get flustered at checkouts like I do.

All information correct as the date of posted 24th of March, this is all just advice. Please get in touch with the banks for confirmation. Please only use the information in this post as advice.