Transport in Bali, how to get around easily!

Getting around Bali is very easy, with so many options you’ll have plenty to choose from. There is so much to see in Bali, and so many places to go – don’t waste any time finding yourself some transport!

Bluebird Taxi

All around the Kuta area taxis can easily be found, but we found when we used the local taxis they charged a lot more than Uber. One way to make sure you’re paying the correct amount for your taxi, download the Bluebird App – which can be used in a similar way to the Uber app. Out of the Kuta area, you’ll find taxis quite difficult to find, sometimes you can come across one in Ubud, but usually, you’ll find they are only in the Kuta area. We also wouldn’t suggest using a taxi for long journeys out of the Kuta area as they will charge quite a lot more, and sometimes the drivers aren’t keen to leave the Kuta area.

Uber Taxi

Ubers in Bali are brilliant, there are plenty around and the app is so easy to use – they’ve even added a chat/instant message area to the app for Bali so you can easily communicate with your driver. Most of the drivers are more than happy to take you anywhere around Bali, and their fares are usually always a good price.

Freelance Driver

Last time we were in Bali we mainly used Uber Taxis, but the second time around found having one driver to take us out for day trips a lot more comfortable, it’s nice to get to know someone and have someone you trust to drive you around beautiful Bali. Some of the best places to find a driver are TripAdvisor, or the following Facebook Groups: Bali Travel Forum, and I Love Bali. But if you are looking for a lovely, friendly and knowledgeable driver then we definitely suggest our driver Bagus Resna.

Renting a Scooter

Scooters/Bikes are very accessible in Bali, and can easily be rented from most streets. There are also quite a few trustworthy shops in Kuta Central where you can get insurance and a proper full working bike – rather than the sometimes untrustworthy ones you’ll find on the street. To drive in Bali you are meant to carry an International Drivers Licence/Permit, but most people tend to get away with this. We’ve thought a few times about renting scooters but have decided in places like Kuta its just too dangerous, and not worth the risk.