Renting an Apartment in Melbourne City on a Working Holiday Visa

Renting an Apartment in Melbourne on a Working Holiday Visa definitely wasn’t an easy step, but it has been so so worth it. Having our own little space as a newly married couple has been one of the best things about our six months here in Melbourne. 

It can be very tough on the rental market here in Melbourne, with people constantly bidding higher on properties and many even offering to sign a rental lease for two years plus.

When we first arrived in Melbourne we didn’t really think anything off getting a rental for our time here, we’ve rented in the UK for 4 years and imagined it’d be just as simple.

Renting in Melbourne

You’ll probably pay more than you want to, you’ll probably see up to fifty apartments and not like any of them, you’ll probably be constantly stressed for two weeks – but when you finally sign the lease of one its well worth it.

When we started looking for apartments we spent two weeks frantically looking, most we found to be absolutely filthy – I mean like, dirt ground into every surface and floor, furniture was broken, and the rooms stunk. This is probably because of our budget, we wanted to rent as cheaply as possible. If you can stretch your weekly budget by a couple of $100 dollars then you’ll be able to get something really nice.

When we finally found this apartment, we were luckily one of the first to see it and I put an application in 30 minutes after seeing it. Because we were only renting for six months, we were told to bid higher than the actual listed price. So instead of $450 per week, we ended up paying $470 a week.

We probably also found it trickier because we were mainly look in the city, and South Yarra area. You’ll get a lot more for your money if you head further out the city – which is what we would probably do next time, its a lot more enjoyable to be able to afford a car and have a nice apartment. We’ve only just been able to afford to buy a car with 2.5 weeks left in our apartment, and it cost us $200 to park it in the city for that amount of time.

What we Paid

We paid $470 per week, which works out at around $2030 a month, and $12,220 for six months. So it is definitely not cheap renting out here, but you’ll probably even look to pay that if you flat share in the city on the

We paid a deposit of around $3000, which we should get back after our final flat inspection. Once it’s been inspected we’ll sign off the apartment and lodge a refund on our deposit which is held in a deposit rental scheme, similar to that in the UK.

We paid $70 a month, or $420 for six months for the internet. If I can suggest anything, definitely spend more on your internet – ours is awful and constantly going down.

Then we paid roughly $100 a month for water, and electricity (we weren’t stingy with our use of our Aircon system haha!) or $650 for six months.

So, overall we probably spent $13,290 just for six months living in Melbourne. That doesn’t even include our transport, food, other little bits. It definitely isn’t cheap to live in the city but its well worth it if you really want to experience Melbourne as a city.

What did we get for what we paid

Here are some pics of our lovely apartment!