Planning our Trip to Thailand

I’ve been longingly looking up trips to Thailand for years now, with some of our closest friends currently exploring Thailand then our need to explore this beautiful country has never been so intense. 

Background Information

What Plug Type?
Plug type A, B, C, F and O.

When is the best time to take a trip to Thailand?
The dry seasons tend to be between November and April, but Thailand is hot all year around!

After enjoying Christmas & New Year in Malaysia we plan to head through to Thailand so should be there from late January to early February.

As I said above, I’ve always fantasised about exploring Thailand. I’ve heard so many amazing things about it and seen many friends explore the beautiful country so I think it’s our turn now!

Total Trip Budget?
The AUD seems to be about $1 to 25 Thai Baht, and the British pound seems to be about £1 to 43 Thai Baht. Everything below is based on prices for a couple/two people. For 59 days the trip should cost around $6000.

Overall Cost?

Flight: $200
Hotels/Hostels/AirBnB: $1740 – ($30 a night) for 58 nights.
General Spending Money/Activities: $1180 – ($20 a day) for 59 days.
Food: $1770/£980 – ($30 a day) for 59 days.
Transport/Boats: $800.
Visa: $250 – rough estimate.
Sim Card: $100 – kind of a random guess.