Planning our Trip to Malaysia

Another brilliant country we’d like to visit on our Asia tour.

What plug type do they use?
They use plug type G, which is also the same as the UK.

When is the best time to visit Malaysia?
Generally, its suggested the best time to visit is from March to October when it’s less likely to rain. Although temperatures should constantly be above 30 degrees.

We are planning to head there straight after Singapore/or we may even skip past Singapore and head straight to Malaysia from Jakarta, and hope to maybe spend Christmas there, but at least NYE. The weather in December should be pretty nice and hot.

Its been on our list since we fell in love with Bali in 2016 and decided to travel Asia in 2018!

Total Trip Budget?
The AUD seems to be about $1 to 3 Malaysian Ringgit. All prices are also based on two people/couple. The budget for around 26 days travel around Malaysia will be about $2700.

Overall Costs?

Flight: $100 – flights from Jakarta.
Hotels/Hostels/AirBnB: $750 – ($30 a night) for 25 nights.
General Spending Money/Activities: $520 – ($20 a day) for 26 days.
Food: $780 – ($30 a day) for 26 days.
Airport Transfers: $80 for airport train one way.
Transport/Boats: $400 for buses/boats.
Visa: FREE for UK citizens for three months.
Sim Card: $80 – kind of a random guess.

Where will we go/stay?

Kuala Lumpur (3 nights)
Malacca (2 Nights)
Pahang (3 Nights)
Terengganu: (2 Nights) get a bus there.
Pulau Kapas + Gem Island/Islands in the area: (4 Nights) get buses to the jetty and then boats across.
Pahang (1 Nights)
Penang (3 Nights)
Langkawi: (4 Nights) get a boat there.
Kuala Lumpur (3 nights)