Getting Medicare on a Working Holiday Visa (417) in Melbourne

So you’ve just landed in Melbourne and started your Working Holiday Visa, you should probably sort your Medicare card as well!

What is Medicare?
Medicare is Australis national health service, it helps to cover the cost of the health care services here in Australia – basically making it more affordable for citizens.

Who can apply for Medicare?
To be eligible to apply for Medicare you must be citizens from one of the following countries: UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Republic of Ireland and New Zeland – if you are one of these countries citizens then you will be covered by Medicare for your full working holiday visa time.

Citizens of these following countries will also be able to apply for Medicare for six months: Malta & Italy.

How do I apply for Medicare in Melbourne?
We found the easiest way was to pop down the Medicare office which is located in the Melbourne CBD, here is the address:¬†Galleria Shopping Plaza, E17/385 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000. It’s not the simplest office to find, basically, if you head to Starbucks¬†and then turn into the Galleria you should see the Medicare logo/sign.

You’ll then be asked to fill out a form which will require you to have an address to send the Medicare card to, your general personal details, and passport details. You’ll also need to print out a copy of your 417 Visa Proof, you can do this there as they have pretty good computer/printer setup all freely available to use.

When you’ve finished filling the form out hand it back the lady at the front counter and then take a seat and wait to be seen. Depending on how many members of staff are in that day will depend on how long you have to wait. It seemed pretty busy when we went, but overall the whole process only took around 1 hour.

Just make sure you have access to all the documents you may need, e.g: Immi Account for your Visa, your passport, and an address to send the card to.

Please be aware, that when this post was written all these details were correct to my knowledge. This post was written on 13th December 2017, and it is out of our control if any of the above change.