Flying with Qatar Airways

Recently we flew long haul with Qatar Airways, we started in Manchester and finished in Bali. Splitting the trip up to Doha, Qatar.

We booked the tickets in January 2017, through STA Travel with the under 30 Blue Ticket. Using STA Blue Ticket we managed to get the flights quite a lot cheaper. Instead of the £450-600 each that we would have paid if we’d booked through somewhere like SkyScanner we managed to get the flights for £350 each.

Arriving at Manchester Airport on 25th September there was a huge queue for Qatar Airways, even though we’d already checked in online. So I instantly assumed that these weren’t going to be the best airline. But after around five minutes of standing there, a lady came along and checked a couple of our tickets and managed to get us moved to a smaller line. We were then through check-in, in around 15 minutes rather than the possible hour it might have taken.

We boarded the flight on time at 3:30, when boarding it all happened very quickly with nearly everyone sat in their seat and ready to go by 3:45. All the cabin were very friendly, happy, and helpful as we boarded, which is always nice to see.

On the first flight Doha we didn’t really need much assistance from the Cabin Crew, but they were more than happy to make me a few cups of tea through the flight. When I previously travelled with Cathay Pacific it was near impossible to get anything other than water between meal times.

The meals on the Manchester to Doha flight were actually edible, which was great to see for once!! Usually, neither Tom or I eat the flight meals as they smell gross and taste even worse. But on this flight, we were served fresh tasting bread, chicken tikka masala and rice, fresh savoury pastries which were warm. They also gave us some nice cakes. It was really yummy!

We landed in Doha, happy and on time. Most of Doha Airport is focused around Qatar Airways as they are the leading airway in the area. There’s plenty of staff around to help with anything. Lots of food and shops to visit. But be careful once you’ve left the plane because when we left we were put on a bus which takes you through to the airport. They don’t tell you that on this bus it stops first at transit and secondly at baggage pickup etc for those going to Doha, so we nearly ended up getting off in Transit (It seemed everyone else did too!) which would have meant a long walk through the airport probably to get to where we needed to be.

On our second flight to Bali we turned up to the airport at 6:30am, we were flying at 8:30am. I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough time to get through the airport but we were through in about half an hour and we even managed to bag ourselves extra legroom seats, which Qatar Airways don’t charge for, you just have to be the first to ask.

This flight was quite a bit longer compared to our previous flight, and we’d both barely had any sleep the night before. Take off went smoothly but around half an hour into the flight, I started to feel really unwell. I have previously got motion sickness on a flight and spent the whole flight being unwell.

This time I decided to tell the cabin crew that I was feeling very unwell. They came over to my chair, put my aircon on the highest setting and sat with me for a few minutes while another organised somewhere else I could sit where I could maybe try and sleep. After a couple of minutes, another hostess came over to let me know they’d organised me a back row with a load of pillows. Once I was laid down and comfortable they also came over with some cold towels from the first class which I could use on my forehead to try and cool down with. They then left me to sleep, coming to check on me every so often to see if I wanted a drink or some food. They were so caring and helped so much. If they hadn’t of made more comfortable so I could, I’d imagine I would have spent the whole 11 hours being unwell. There are not many worse places than a plane to be sick on for 11 hours straight.

We arrived into Bali on time and happy after a long flight which is very unusual for us. Last time we flew with Cathay Pacific, they were ok, but nothing on Qatar Airways. I’d definitely use Qatar Airways again.