Flying to Bali with Cathay Pacific

Tom and I had never flown together before we decided to take the big step and go travelling for three months. We’d actually never ever been on holiday together out of the country… people must have thought we were crazy deciding to fly straight to the other side of the world.

We decided to book with STA Travel as we’d never booked flights together, never mind flights to the other side of the world. The booking process was super simple, and we only had to put a £50 deposit down each which worked out really well for the both of us.

STA Travel had booked us on with Cathay Pacific, and we were set to fly out of Manchester mid-September. We had no worries about the flight at all, I didn’t even realise how long it would take to get to Bali! I was more worried about going through customs because I didn’t have a clue what to expect.

Well, getting through customs was simple – it was the flight itself which wasn’t great.

Why our first flying experience wasn’t great (no fault to Cathay Pacific)

  • We learnt we were picky plane food eaters
  • I couldn’t sleep at all, no matter how hard I tried
  • It was so boring – I made note that I really needed to bring some books next time
  • Finally, I got that tired I started being sick from 10 hours in, which didn’t end until we landed in Bali!

Watch out for my next blog for my travel tips! Now we’ve both done quite a LOT more flying, we’ve learnt a few things that will definitely stick in my mind.