Hey, nice to meet you! We are Meg & Tom, and we started our travel blog about six months ago. Right before we embarked on our big trip to Auz from the UK. We are newly married, and currently living in Melbourne, Australia while planning our next year-long trip around Asia.

Why a Travel Blog?

In 2016, we were starting to wonder about what we actually wanted to do with our lives. Should we settle down, buy a house and have children? That all sounded nice, but we both felt far too young for all that. All we’d really experienced with our lives was work, renting and the general day to day grind.

So we decided to quit our jobs and spend four months doing a bit a travelling. The plan was to get travel out of our system, and then come back home and save to buy a house and settle down.

But those four months opened our eyes to everything else out there, there’s so much to see, so much to do! We only had one regret from our first travel experience, we didn’t record any of it – apart from images! We’d learnt so much, and experienced so many things, and we hadn’t written any of it down.

For the nine months between our first trip of 2016, and our most recent move to Australia we were constantly talking about travel. Answering questions about travel, and advising about travel. So we decided to start a travel blog, because what a better way to get all our knowledge and experiences out there, right?


Hey, I’m Meg! I’m the ‘dreamer’ out of the two of us. I’d always wanted to visit Australia, I remember planning/thinking about a gap year at the age of 14 – before I flunked my education and did a teenage dive into craziness. Now, I’ve finally got to visit Australia twice, and we are currently living here!!

I’m a Digital Designer and Web Developer, and I love what I do. The dream is to be full-time remote designer and developer so that we can travel the world, and be able to afford to.


Hey, I’m Tom! The more logical one out of the two of us. I’m usually the one who has to do the ‘on-the-spot’ exchange rate calculations, so we don’t run our budget into the ground in the first week.

I’m a full-time Chef, currently working in a large hotel in central Melbourne.

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