Week Twenty Two in Melbourne, getting bored.

It feels like we’ve been leaving in Melbourne quite a long time now, we’ve experienced some great things and struggled with other things. But one thing we have definitely learnt from these past few months in Melbourne is that we probably aren’t cut out for city living. It’s great having lots of things to do around you, but its constantly busy, and always loud – when we finally decide where we want to settle, at least we know it will have to somewhere quiet and peaceful.


Monday was a bank holiday, and a grey and rainy day here in Melbourne. We spent the day catching up on some old episodes of Top Gear before enjoying some yummy Viatamenese Rolls in preparation for our time in Vietnam soon!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Unfortunately, pretty boring days in terms of blog content. We’ve both been working away, saving those pennies for our time in Asia.


A day of work from Tom, and a mental health day for myself. The move to a new city quickly wore off for myself, and I’ve been struggling my anxiety and health since before Christmas time. Even with a relatively steady work contract, that brings new stress, and stress I probably wasn’t ready to handle this year. I’d spent so much of 2017 telling myself that a year in Australia would be some time to relax, take an easy job and just enjoy life. Unfortunately, I forgot about the anxiety demon and they’ve really not let me had any time in my own brain. Hopefully, when we head off to do farm work the hard work and sunshine will raise my spirits!


I met up with a friend for some brunch in the city, then we headed to the NGV for an early afternoon of exploring the gallery. After a nice day of wandering around the gallery we met up with Tom and headed for some dinner at one of the cities best burger bars – Bettys Burgers, I’d definitely recommend this!