Week Twenty Three in Melbourne, getting sick.

The weeks are closing in on us now, here in Melbourne, we’ve got a few super short day trips planned to see us into April nicely. But, those are still about a week away so unfortunately, this week has been a pretty boring one!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

As you can see from the title above, this week is all blended into one – its been a pretty dull and boring one!

Back in the UK I used to suffer quite badly with migraines and was prescribed amitriptyline to help with these headaches – with the help of doctors we could never really figure out what was causing them, I’d imagine most likely stress!! Well, over the past six months I’ve not struggled too much with them, the odd few weeks have been bad, but overall I’ve got a headache free – well compared to how often I had them in the UK.

Well, Monday this week saw the return of the headaches, and this time they’ve brought along a new sidekick with them… dizziness. Luckily, the doctors over here in Auz have been rather helpful in getting me back on the amitriptyline, and finally, this weekend sorting me out with some stronger pain relief tablets.

Unfortunately, headaches and dizziness don’t work well with early mornings on public transport and being stuck to a laptop all day. I’ve barely left the apartment this week and have spent most of it working from home in between headaches.

Hoping next week I manage to get out more.


Sunday is Pokemon Go Community Day, with BulbasaurĀ appearing as a shiny in the game. Exciting stuff for us Pokemon Go fans. Hopefully, I’ll pull together enough energy to enjoy a couple of hours out playing Pokemon Go with Tom.