Week Twenty Six in Melbourne, buying a car.

Our time in Melbourne is quickly coming to an end, and we are both so excited to move to our next Auzzie destination. With only 4.5 weeks left in our lovely city apartment, we’ve got a lot of planning and organising to get done!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Our working weekdays have mainly been full of work, and car hunting!


I spent the day planning our next Auzzie road trip, looking for farm work, and generally organising our lives again before we move on. Poor Tom spent the day working.


Friday was an exciting day, we finally bought and picked up our new car! I’ll be writing a post very soon all about buying your own car on a working holiday visa – so watch out for that one.


I spent the day out with my friend exploring Geelong, and Queenscliff. Unfortunately, the weather really wasn’t on our side and we ended up spending most of the day getting we through or hiding in the car from the rain. Typical Melbourne weather!


Today is another horrible weather day – you can definitely feel winter quickly approaching Melbourne now. Its freezing cold, well it feels that way after weeks of 30 degrees, its now half of that at around 16 degrees and we are really feeling it! The rain is out, and it looks set to be another wet and depressing day.

Pretty annoying when we were planning to spend the day playing Pokemon Go, for Pokemon Go Community Day.