Week Twenty Seven in Melbourne, comedy festival and food.

It’s like buying a car was the missing puzzle piece to us living here in Melbourne, obviously, as soon as we buy a car we finally start feeling like Melbourne is our Aussie home. Or maybe it’s just our minds playing tricks on us since we know we leave in three weeks now.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Usual working days, both of us on the countdown now until we are free to explore Victoria more before we leave.


Poor Tom spent most of the day working, while after a morning off work I headed out to the cinema with a friend. The cinemas over here are so much cleaner and nicer – but, they don’t sell sweet popcorn which is just totally strange!!


Tom spent the evening hanging out with some friends in St Kilda, and then around our apartment pool.


The weeks working days are over so quickly at the moment, its like we blink and they are gone and we are back to the weekend again. We spent Saturday walking around Lysterfield Park with a friend, it’s such a lovely peaceful walk only 40 minutes out of the city and you get to see loads of Kangaroos. After a morning of walking, we discovered an amazing little Indian cafe only 10 minutes or so drive from the park, so cheap at only $25 for both Tom and I lunch (the cafe was called Riks Mahal).

After a morning of walking and eating curry we had to experience the hell that is driving into Melbourne CBD – I’ll never understand why they decide to do roadworks on all the main roads into Melbourne on weekdays at prime time, and weekends at the prime time. Completely insane, and it ended up taking us nearly two hours for what would be a 40-minute drive. When we finally did get into Melbourne, we were in a rush to get to our Comedy Festival event, so choose any multi-level car park, and parked in it.

The comedy festival in Melbourne was definitely awesome, even if we only got to see one act – we’d both definitely love to see more live comedy now. It’s cool knowing we are ticking things off we’ve never done before while here in Melbourne.

With the evening still only being early, we decided to head up to China Town to play some pool in one of the gaming lounges.

After a fun evening, we headed back to the car park only to find it all completely shut up and our car inside of it. Luckily, a car was driving into the car park at the same time we were stood there so we followed them inside, still not knowing if we’d actually be able to open the locked exit to get out – hahaha! After a bit of frantic running around, we realised that we’d still be able to get out if we paid for our car parking ticket. The story doesn’t sound so funny – but every time I’m in a car park from now on I’ll remember Toms and our friends face when we honestly all thought we were going to be locked in that dingy car park all night.


Poor Tom headed back to work on Sunday and I met up with a friend for some brunch at Two Birds one Stone cafe. If there’s anything I’ve learnt about myself in the past six months is that I love eating out – I have no idea how I’m going to switch back the life of eating cheap bacon sarnies from Greggs when we get back to the UK. Tom and I can easily blow $100 on food in one day on a weekend.

After months of wearing shoes that have been killing my feet, I finally made it down to the shopping outlet on the riverside of Melbourne CBD. Picked myself up some nice comfy running shoes which fit my ‘broken foot’ insoles into them. Tom and I are now matchy matchy in our trainers.

As always, thanks for reading – and sorry for boring you all stupid over the past six months.