Week Twenty One in Melbourne, anxiety & day trips.

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotion for Tom and me, there are things we love about spending our Working Holiday Visa in Melbourne and there are things we really hate about it. Over the next few weeks, I hope we get the chance to explore Victoria a little more before leaving and heading somewhere else in Australia.


My anxiety has slowly been creeping back, and its quite a hard one to tackle while over here in Australia – with my anxiety, brings a return of my constant migraines/headaches, they could be linked but I’m not really sure. The source of the anxiety is probably mostly workplace stress and the worries that we won’t be able to save enough money to fund a year of fun travelling Asia.

Anxiety does really wreck every thought and emotion you have. It gives you nightmares most nights, makes your heart race at a million miles an hour just over the most simple comment from another, makes you tired and pray for the end of the day to come sooner so you can roll back into the safety of your bed.

Luckily, the blog gives me a place to reflect slightly on the feelings. But its still frustrating to have the dark cloud of anxiety following you around the world when you were meant to be having a few years of fun and joy!!


A friend came to the rescue, with dinner out in the city this quiet Tuesday evening after work. It’s nice to head straight out for after work, forget anxiety, and forget a stressful day. That’s the part I love about living in a city, it’s easy to pop into the city and grab some dinner with a friend easy, and if you look hard enough there’s nearly always something on to keep you busy.


A normal day, with a pretty bland evening – sometimes its nice just to come home and do nothing!


Tom and I spent the afternoon wandering from St Kilda Beach through to Brighton Beach, in the lovely 30 degrees. It was a great time to try out my new camera, and the new polarizing filter I’d bought for the kit lens! If you fancy seeing some of the pics that we’ve been taking recently, then head over to our insta.

Walking on a nice hot afternoon is definitely one of the best ways to get rid of my anxiety, it clears my mind and makes us both happy. Its times like that I’m really glad we decided to spend a few years travelling. I just wish we could have more of these times, and less of the stress and anxiety!


A nice quiet evening, catching up on some reading and editing some pictures. Getting back in touch with some old hobbies has been another great way to clear our minds and give me something else to be interested in other than just planning our next trip.


We rented a car with a friend and headed out of the city for some well-needed fun! None of us has really had the chance to explore the Yarra Valley properly so we decided to head up there.

Our first stop was Stevenson Falls, which is definitely worth a visit – not as amazing as some of the waterfalls near The Grampians but still a pretty good waterfall for Australian standards! We then decided to drive through some of the magnificent trees in the Yarra Ranges, seeing all the burnt out light grey trees was amazing – I just wish there were more stops to easily pull up and park at the side of the road so we could capture some of the beautifulness! On our drive, through the ranges, we also stumbled across the main dam for the Upper Yarra, a strange stop, but interesting.

After a busy morning, we headed into Warburton and discovered a little cafe, Three Sugars, and enjoyed the most amazing cheesecake I’ve ever had in my whole life!

To catch the sunset, and finish off our exploring we headed up to the Rainforest Gallery and then to¬†Mount Donna Buang – where we managed to capture one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

To finish off the day we enjoyed pizzas at Little Joes in Warburton. A great end to a brilliant day!


Today is a chill day – catch up on some sleep, edit some pictures, and do some reading. We are also hoping to play some Pokemon Go in the hope we get an ex-raid since everybody else seems to be getting them now!

Thankfully its a bank holiday this weekend so I’ve got a long weekend – poor Tom is heading back to work tomorrow, but I couldn’t be more thankful for a day at home.