Week Twenty Nine in Melbourne, Toms Last Working Week.

The months have flown around so quickly, it doesn’t seem two minutes ago since I was wide awake on a through the night flight from Bali to Melbourne, with Rita Ora – Anywhere playing on repeat through my headphones. We were excited, nervous and probably even slightly regretting our decision.

Now, seven months later, we feel like Melbourne is our Australian home – if we could have all our friends around us we’ve met here, then I could easily stay another six months. A big shout out to my bestest Auzzie friend @agreekable, for keeping me sane. To our favourite British Couple, thank you for letting me third wheel for all those months – and thank you for making our experience in Melbourne one we’ll remember forever. To my loyal blog reader, and day-one Melbourne friend – thank you for making our first month in Melbourne great. Of course, to everyone else, we’ve met here along the way. Then to all our friends and family at home who have put up with all my moaning while I struggled to adapt to a new city.

Anyway, enough cheesy stuff, on with the blog…


Monday was meant to be Toms last working day, but it didn’t end up working out like that. Anyway, after a day of work for us both we headed for another walk around the lovely Albert Park Lake – yes, there are other places to walk around here but we love Albert Park Lake. It’s just the right size to do a good 1.5-hour walk, and if you go at night it’s lovely and quiet, but you will get bitten to death by mugs so cover up.


Tom ended up working, he’s such a good lad, always willing to help someone out to make their life easier. Tom is such a talented, and dedicated chef – you really need to try his cooking.

To finish up the evening one of ourĀ friends came around to enjoy Nasi Goreng and a night in our apartment complex cinema watching incredibly rude, crude and generally stupid comedy episodes.


Tom had the day off, but I spent the day working and then relaxing in the evening. A pretty boring/normal day.


Tom offered to help work out again and ended up working most of the day before finishing the day off hanging out with some friends.

I tried to fill up my day with as must little tasks as possible, I’ve got so much blog writing to do before we leave Melbourne – the past seven months have given me so many ideas so I’m trying to get them all written down before we leave Victoria.

We spent the late afternoon running all our errands, dragging me to the doctors to finally get some more of my tablets – going back to the doctors always gives me really bad anxiety and then doing our usual evening walk around Albert Park.


Tom being the usual helpful guy he is, offered to help out at work again. I spent the morning cleaning up in preparation for our friends joining us in Melbourne – they fly in tomorrow, and we are so excited to finally see some familiar faces.

We’ve got another afternoon of errands to run and then finished the evening up with our usual walk around Albert Park.


We spent the morning walking into the city, through the Botanical Gardens, and then meeting up with a friend for some lunch. We visited one of my favourite lunch spots, Arbory. They do the nicest burgers and have great views over the Yarra River.

After a busy morning, we headed back to the apartment to pick our car up and then head to Avalon Airpor to pick our friends from England which have flown in from Japan. Its great to see some familiar faces and hear some northern English accents. We’ll be travelling soon out of Melbourne, via Uluru and then to do farm work with our mates so it’s nice to have to travel companions.


Today we are spending the day with our friends, we’ll probably go for a wander around Albert Park and explore with our friends around the area of Melbourne we live.

This evening I finally get to see The Killers live, it feels like it has been such a long wait. I bought the tickets when i first settled in Melbourne in November of 2017. I’ve wanted to see them live for so long so it’ll be nice to finally see them.