Week Twenty Four in Melbourne, day trips.

This week, we finally hit April. April is last full month here in Melbourne and we’ve got plenty to look forward to over the next few weeks, they are definitely going to be a bit busier than usual.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

I’ve still not been doing very well with my headaches, and Tom has been out most days at work. So the first few days of the week were pretty casual, apart from a few evening walks out in Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens.


I spent the day relaxing and catching up on some sleep before going for an evening walk with Tom. We’ve been back out playing a lot more Pokemon Go recently since there have been a couple more decent updates to the game. The last of summer is also quickly fading away here in Melbourne so we may as well make the most of the last few bright and sunny evenings.


We had a busy weekend planned so decided to spend Friday relaxing and chilling out around the flat. Overall, a pretty bland but relaxing day.


We rented a car for a long weekend, with a friend and decided to head out exploring. Tom and I spent Saturday visiting the Dandenong Ranges since he has yet to visit.

Our first stop was Sherbrooke Forest for a walk through the beautiful forest of the ranges, this forest is definitely worth stopping at if you’re heading to the ranges. It’s slightly quieter than other parts of the Dandenong Ranges and there’s a small waterfall to see on the circular route. After a lovely walk through the trees, we headed up the street to George Tindale Memorial Gardens, a nice little garden. After an active morning of walking around the ranges, we headed to Dandenong Bakery, this place does super yummy pies, cakes and croissants.

After lunch, we went on the hunt for a few other things to do around the ranges and stumbled upon Burkes Lookout – which doesn’t seem to be an official lookout and doesn’t really have parking. But what it lacks in parking, and ease to find it definitely makes up for with views.

One thing I would definitely suggest if you’re planning on exploring the ranges soon is to download the map from Google Maps. It’s so much easier when you’re in areas with little or no internet connection to have the Offline Map available to you.

After finishing exploring the Dandenong Ranges we decided to head to Lysterfield Park which is a short drive from Belgrave. The park is brilliant, a great big reservoir to walk around, lots of amazing views, nice and quiet with plenty of parking. If you’ve got a spare afternoon, and own a car I’d definitely suggest heading over here for a nice afternoon walk.

To finish off the day we headed to Half Moon Bay to watch the sunset.


On Sunday, Tom, a friend and I decided to head up to Daylesford for another day of exploring. Our first stop was Sailors Falls & Mineral Springs which you’ll most likely pass on your way into Daylesford, unfortunately, the area must not have had much rain recently because the waterfall wasn’t running and had all dried up – I’m sure it would be very beautiful usually though.

After a nearly two hour journey up from the outskirts of Melbourne CBD it was pretty much lunchtime so we headed to Daylesford town centre to grab some lunch from a bakery. We visited Pastry King Cafe/Bakery, which was ok but definitely nowhere near as good as the bakery we visited in the Dandenong Ranges the day before.

Our second stop was Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, which overall made the whole trip up to Daylesford worth it. The lavender farm is very beautiful, with lots of lovely little gardens and things to see/photograph. Although it did cost $4 each to enter, it was definitely worth the small cost.

After spending an hour or so wandering around the lavender farm we headed to Trentham Falls, sadly the waterfall had dried up slightly and wasn’t pouring water as I’d imagine it usually does.

We then headed over to Malmsbury to see some beautiful viaducts, they are very impressive and great to photograph so personally it was one of the best parts of the day for myself. There’s a lovely little stream that runs under the viaducts, making it a lovely place to explore.

Finally to finish the day off we headed over to the Hanging Rock, expecting we’d be able to visit and watch the sunset. But, they seem to lock up the whole area at 5pm so you definitely cannot get in and watch the sunset. One plus to going to hanging rock when its shut though is you’ll see LOADS of Kangaroo’s everywhere – it was amazing, watching so many bounce around.  After watching the Kangaroos for a while we managed to make it up to Mt Macedon just in time to see one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen here so far in Auz.

After a busy day, we rounded up the day with a great curry at a curry house named Sizzler Restobar. If you love a proper English curry, that’s full of taste then head to this place. The service is brilliant, and the food even better.