Week Twenty Five in Melbourne, more day trips.

We can’t believe we are in April already, April is our last full month here in Melbourne and we are definitely ready to move somewhere else and explore some more of Australia! With only around five weeks left in Melbourne, we are going to be busy trying to buy a car, and planning where we should go next.


Monday was the last day of the long Easter weekend, and also the last full day of our car rental from Jucy. Since Tom & I have never explored any of The Great Ocean Road we decided to head that way and have a drive around. Our first stop was Torquay, where we wandered around the lookout points which have views over Torquay beach. Then, we decided to head to Point Addis Marine National Park, which overlooks some beautiful coastline and would probably be a great place to capture some evening pictures of the stars. After visiting a couple of lookout points, we headed to Split Point Lighthouse, which has some more magnificent lookout points.

For the past couple of days, we’d mainly been visiting bakeries for lunch, and I was pretty fed up of the rubbish Australian pie for lunch – so we decided to have a bit of a nicer lunch and visited Mr T and Me which was only a short drive from Split Point Lighthouse.

After a morning of looking at viewpoints, and beaches we headed inland to see Erskine Falls. The falls are only a short drive from Lorne, but can be very busy making it pretty much impossible to get a nice picture or have a relaxing┬ácouple of minutes near the waterfall. On the way back down from the falls we stopped off at Teddy’s Lookout, which turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the whole day – the views from Teddy’s Lookout are beautiful, and some of the best views I’ve ever seen in my life.

After a busy morning, and early afternoon we took the rest of the day pretty easy. We slowly drove down some more of the coastline, stopping at a couple of beaches to check out the rock pools and take some images of the crystal clear water.

To finish off the day we returned back to Lorne to capture pictures of the sun setting over the ocean and then fill our bellies at Chopstix Noodle Bar.

Tuesday, & Wednesday

Tom and I both headed back to work but did manage to play a bit of Pokemon Go in the evening and we’ve finally got Mew – Gen 1 nearly complete down.


A friend visited me who lives further down the coast in Melbourne, we chilled out in my apartment complex’s pool and sauna. It was nice to just have a relaxing day.


More work, and another annoying migraine.


I spent the morning recovering from another nasty migraine, then headed into the city to meet Tom and have another Betty’s Burgers – if you’re in Melbourne, and haven’t checked this place out, then you definitely should.


Today we are on the hunt for a car, with only five weeks left and hopefully our friends from England joining us soon we really need to get ourselves a car. We’ve also got an exciting afternoon of Pokemon Go EX Raid, Tom and I have been waiting for an EX Raid Pass for months now – so this afternoon we might actually finally get Mew Two.