Week Twenty Eight in Melbourne, Anzac Day & Our New Car

This week was a little bit of a chill out for Tom and I, we finally have a car so we can enjoy some of the smaller little bits of Victoria we’ve not had a chance to see yet, and what a better time than a bank holiday (Anzac Day).

Monday & Tuesday

Both of us spent the first two days of the week just doing the general, working. Recently, I’ve started working from home and if I’ve realised anything from this past year or so – when we are back in the UK I definitely want a remote job again. Working from home helps with my anxiety, and helps me manage my chronic headaches so much easier. Its hard to work in an office with bright lights, and hours on public transport when a horrible migraine can sting you at any time. Just the idea of getting another migraine in the office gives me anxiety, and I’m already an anxious person – so working from home has definitely given me a big boost in happiness.


For Anzac Day Tom and I decided to head up to the Macedon Ranges. First, we headed to the little town of Kyneton to visit a bakery named Country Cob Kyneton Bakery, its probably one of the best bakeries we’ve had here while in Victoria. I had a delish Ham Salad Sandwich, and a Custard Slice – so yummy. Once we were all full on bakery goods we headed to Turpins Falls, which sadly was another Macedon Waterfall which didn’t seem to be running very well – it was pretty though, and a lot quieter than any other waterfall I’ve ever visited, that’s probably on account to the 15 minutes you have to spend on an annoying gravel track.

To finish our little trip off, we headed up to the actual Macedon Ranges – which turned out to be not a great idea for a bank holiday. There were bus loads of tourists everywhere, and it was nearly impossible to park. But when we finally did find some parking, we managed to find a quieter walking track and go on a little treck for an hour or so.


To say neither of us has finished work yet, it was surprising to manage to get a day off mid-week together that wasn’t a bank holiday. We made the most of it by heading to Werribee. To say its only 45 minutes from Melbourne, we’ve never actually thought about visiting until recently. We started off at Werribee Mansion and Gardens, which is easily a good two hours of pottering around – and lovely and quite mid-week, just what Tom and I like.

After that we headed somewhere else for another walk, this time stopping at Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary. Such a quiet and beautiful area, probably one of my most favourite places close to Melbourne. There’s plenty of easy, and quite walking to do and you’ll most likely only be sharing the whole area with a handful of other people.


Another working day, but we did spend the evening walking around Albert Park. There has been a Pokemon Go event on, with some new shiny Pokemon so we’ve been out shiny catching. Also, its great to make the most of this beautiful lake we have so close to our apartment.


Poor Tom had to work, luckily the last Saturday he’ll have to work for a while now as he finishes work very soon. I spent the morning meeting up with a work friend to have coffee and then headed into the city to do a little bit of last minute shopping before we leave Melbourne. If you’re looking to pick up some bargains while in Melbourne I’d definitely recommend DFO South Wharf¬†and Spencer Outlet Centre.


We have an apartment viewing on Monday, as we’ll be moving out very soon. I’m obsessed with having a clean and tidy apartment so we spent pretty much the whole day cleaning every inch of the apartment – it might sound sad to most people but there really is no better feeling than having a tidy and organised living space. Then we made the most of the Pokemon Go event and walked around Albert Park Lake again.