Wandering around Krabi and visiting Wat Kaew Ko Wararam – Day Fourty, Krabi (Thailand).

Thursday 26th July

Still feeling full of flu and cold we decided to try and give ourselves some energy with a bit of breakfast and headed back to a cafe we’d recently tried, named Zoo Coffee. We ordered a full English breakfast each, and a strong coffee each. The coffee was nice, but sadly the breakfast definitely wasn’t as tasty as it is at home.

With some breakfast in us, and a little more energy we headed to Wat Kaew Ko Wararam, which is a beautiful white temple located centrally in Krabi town, and only a short walk from Zoo Coffee.

Since the temple wasn’t very large we’d quickly looked around it, and then decided to head for a bit of a wander down the river and through the shopping centre in Krabi.

To finish the day off we headed back for a repeat of Wednesdays tasty dinner.