Twentieth Week in Melbourne, new camera.

We are well over halfway through our time in Melbourne, and if we are honest we are looking forward to getting through the next few months. It’s strange, settling but not settling somewhere – you’ve got a home, and a small selection of friends, work to go to every day but it still doesn’t feel like home, and you still get really homesick.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

A typical working couple of day for both Tom and I. Wednesday evening was a little more exciting though, over the past few months of travelling I’ve really enjoyed taking photos and editing photos again. Its a hobby I’ve really missed, and one that helps me feel more creative when I’m having the ‘bland’ Web Design weeks.

Since we are trying to travel light, I left my old DSLR at home and have only been using my iPhone 6S for the past few months. So we decided to invest in a decent bit of kit that would help me create some pictures we could treasure, and remember our travelling years by. I’ve picked myself up a Sony A6000, with a couple of lenses for a steal of $900 – it is second hand, but has been looked after amazingly.


I met up with my Auzzie friend for some lunch, we headed to Three One 2 One to try one of their massive shakes! It was nice to have a catch-up, after not spending that much time together over the past few weeks.

After a lovely morning, I headed into the CBD to explore the parks. I also discovered one of Melbourne’s free museums, the Old Treasury Building. Although only small, its packed with information, and the old lockers downstairs were pretty interesting.


Tom and I enjoyed a nice evening wandering around Albert Park!


We met up with a friend in the city and decided to search out some oBikes then ride some of the City Cycle routes. We headed down the Yarra, through South Yarra and around – it was a pretty lovely day for a cycle, and it was nice to finally see some other areas of the city we wouldn’t usually visit.

After a 20k cycle, we treated our selves to some Koren Fried Chicken at, Gami. Definitely, a place to try if you are ever visiting Melbourne!


A chilled out cinema day. We headed out to see the new Jennifer Lawrence film, Red Sparrow. A pretty good film, but if you’re like me and easily scared then this film may traumatise you slightly like it did me.

As always, thank you for reading and sorry these posts aren’t the most exciting. Not long till we head back on the road and you get some more interesting reads!