Trying to Relax in Phuket – Day Thirty Four, Phuket (Thailand).

Thursday 19th July

After a bit of a rubbish arrival in Phuket, we really wanted to try and make the best of a bad place. We woke up early in Thursday morning to do a bit of research only to discover that the taxis/tuk-tuks and nearly all transport in the area is run by the ‘taxi mafi’ meaning prices are incredibly high e.g. going on a ten-minute ride can cost up to $40 AUD. With the research putting a bit more a downer on our day we decided that we could at least make the most of the beautiful sunny day in Phuket.

Since we currently visiting Thailand in rainy season we expected it to rain every single day, but Thursday the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

We headed down to the beautiful pool area at our hotel, The Melody, and spent pretty much the whole day relaxing in the sun while listing to podcasts and playing in the pool.

So even though we couldn’t afford to go out and explore much of Phuket we still enjoyed a day relaxing by the pool and visiting the beach for sunset.